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  1. I have just found out the foal has been found dumped dead in a field Who ever is responsible needs stringing up :shock:
  2. Cross posted as this little one needs all the help possible so he can get back to his mum I sincerely hope that the people who took him are severely punished for such a despicable act http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/campaigns/animalwatch/3745307.Reward_offered_after_foal_stolen/ .... MadMudMob says: always happy to shorten links
  3. Voted no as I do not agree that they should be breeding from any parrots handed over to them Yes I have visited but like others would never be able to see whats going on 'behind the scenes' Ahhh BUT they also breed so surely they are adding to the problem :roll:
  4. I finally found one of Linda's posts where she admits that the NPS breeds , I also found one ; clearly stating that the surrender document for owners handing birds over says that they agree that their bird may be bred from :roll: Now whether you call yourself a zoo /sanctuary/ rescue whatever in my opinion if you are taking unwanted birds (which in all fairness anyone only has to look at how many are advertised to see that there is alot of those around ) then it is not acceptable to breed from them. Thats rather hypocritical in my book, if that is the case then I think Steve needs to be more upfront with people and admit he is adding to the problem by breeding from the darn birds he takes :roll: We run a chinchilla rescue/rehoming and in my book it would be the same as me taking a chin/s that have a full pedigree ( originally bred by a reputable breeder) and allowing that chin to still breed as its a 'natural instinct' ( another comment made by Linda) yet knowing that there are already too many chins out there . It would simply be not acceptable and should any of the chin rescues do that then they would be slatted and quite rightly in my opinion As a self funded rescue/ rehoming service I find it all rather disturbing :roll:
  5. I have only just found this topic and its a heck of alot to take in to be honest ( dont shout at me if I am wrong theres alot of posts to try and read) BUT Am I right in thinking that what is being said is the NPS encourage/allow? the birds to breed ( despite reading I ma still not clear which) and also 'swapping' birds that owners have handed over to them with other 'zoo's ? If that is the case then I am very disappointed and makes me question my opinion of the place that I have also visited in the past Considering so many people have visited this place and they sound as though they need regular paying visitors to enable them to continue ( unless some one has a private income of millions!!) I think it would be beneficial to the people owning/running the place to set everyone's minds at rest and explain the situation clearly :roll:
  6. Have had a chat with Karen and we can pick up from Durham and he is more than welcome to stop here in my spare room if Jez can collect and take to Stafford on the 12th ETA; Ohhh sorry Marion I had not realised you had posted . I hope to goodness he has found a knowledgeable caring home :roll:
  7. Sadly Lulu has still not been found and the sightings seem to have 'dried up' as well
  8. That person is very worrying and gives genuine rescue/rehoming centres a very bad image . I hope to goodness something is 'done' about her so called rehoming policies :?
  9. Sorry to disappoint you but yes I do remember clearly I am not senile nor do I have a failing memory !!!!!!!!!!!! the show hall was never 'dimly lit' nor full of cigarette smoke . As to 'moaning afterwards' I have every right to express my opinion in a non offensive manner which is what I clearly did :| As to giving the 'anti's ammunition to attack birdkeeping. There are clearly plenty of owners/ breeders that are more than capable of doing that themselves :!:
  10. In fairness that is your decision to take part in the organising of such 'shows'. As such you need to take the criticisms along with the well done's . As we had pre bought tickets we also 'wandered' in through the secondary hall , the signs were not really clear at all and as p & s has already said, as a first time visitor I saw no book nor would I have stood and read 475 pages to find out how to put forward my concerns. I saw better 'shows' 30 years ago at the Cage and Aviary show , yet we are supposed to be so much more aware of animal welfare issues . Sorry but I was most certainly not impressed and have had close contact with birds for over 40yrs Being involved in rescue work with chinchillas and having dealt with such 'experts' in the past . I ask how 'expert' and knowledgeable are they at times . Personally I have found on numerous occasions that so many have a little knowledge about alot of animals but not an 'indepth' knowledge as many owners / breeders do . So would disagree with you What an appalling attitude to take . Just because people feel uncertain about complaining / sharing their concerns at a show then does not warrant you calling members liars :roll: Edited by MadMudMob
  11. It was my first 'show' and to be honest I was not impressed . Sorry but it reminded me of a cattle auction. Masses of ( birds in this case) stuffed into small cages crammed into halls for the owners to make plenty of money I used to go to the 'cage and aviary' bird show years ago in London and the cages and setting out and caring for the birds were far better than yesterday and that was 30yrs ago :roll: ETA I forgot to mention the person handfeeding a young bird as well , not good I remember that table but sadly did not notice the birds under the table
  12. As I understand it Plum has a stone so releases cyanide into the digestion but I may be wrong :?
  13. I bought mine online and they came today. Carnt wait to attend our first show. The aviaries sound superb
  14. I am wanting to put some new apple branches in Alfie's cage, now last time I washed them and dried them in the oven ( as I do for the chins) but I wondered what others do . Do you think its necessary to dry them in the oven or do you just dry them on a radiator or use them fresh Thanks
  15. Just bought our tickets online to go to Stafford for the first time I am really thrilled as we wanted to go for the last couple of years but something has always come up so have not been able to
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