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  1. I was called to a sighting of an African grey loose in the Cawdor Park area of Farnsworth, Bolton.....unfortunately this bird had flown off by the time I got there but had been in the trees near Grant Street for some hours, was whistling and responding to whistles from the lady who was trying to get him down from the trees. It has been reported to the police, local radio and to ourselves (Birdline), I have left instructions, food and a carrier in the hope this bird can be caught, given warm shelter and food, and hopefully reunited with its owners. Crystal ACO Manchester Birdline
  2. the grey we have in our care is young but not that young I would say at a quess about 2 - 3 years old, he is being lavished with love and attention and eating for England, would think he's been out at least a few weeks, don't want to say to much as I want only his true mummy or daddy to have him back, so require proof of ownership. we have contacted local vets,police, scoured the local newspapers and free ads, but no-one had come forward yet, unfortunately it was not Bobby, but Bobby is now on my list of lost birds so will in my travels will keep my eyes peeled and ears open, chances are Bobby is now someone elses pet, reasurring in that he hopefully is getting the love and care but upsetting that whoever is holding him, did not think of the dreadful upset and fear Helen is going through.
  3. OK found in Stockport on Monday a youngish (we think) african grey, he is ringed, so all his real owner has to do is phone me with the ring number, he is in a 'safehouse' and I am the ACO for Manchester for Birdline.....would love to reunite this beautiful grey with his owner(s)..pls phone me 07904848701. Crystal
  4. thats wonderful news,nd so glad he is ok, now smack him with wet noodle, tell him never to scare mommy like that again, and that he is grounded, no TV or play station for a week!!!!
  5. hi stephie i am in stretford, i have done the poster,the free ads,lost and found,rspac,pdsa u nme it, not even one sighting, just managed to collect three other 'lost' tiels in my search, seems I can find every lost tiel except my beloved Bebe <sigh> Tracey my heart goes out to you and may the wings of the bird angels speed barney back to you xx
  6. no-one has come forward to claim Brodie, who I am happy to say is starting to look more like a cockatiel than the poor damaged bird that I picked up on the 19th. Brodie is now happily enconsed with my tiel Tweety.
  7. HI Tracy, I am a Birdline member and will post a message in the members forum and if anyone comes up with anything will contact you. I am so sorry this has happened to you and BARNEY and I wish him a speedty return home. My beautiful tiel Bebe went missing on the 15th October, not seen sight or sound of him since despite mush local publicity, desparate for news here.
  8. the tiel in wales is not my BEBE, so he is still missing, I will do everything I can to find him, but I am slowly losing heart and feeling very desparate for his welfare. The tiel from wales will be renamed Doyle and apparently he is coming with a friend.....I already have Bodie so when I see what his friend is like maybe I can see what comes to mind. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.
  9. yes but no matter, i also have today taken in 2 more cockatiels and 2 bourkes, but that is temporarily whilst permanent homes can be found.
  10. Unfortunately this tiel does not appear to be Bebe, but will be coming to stay at my home with me and my other FIDS, so I am still looking and praying. Thanks June for all your help.
  11. I picked up a grey std cockatiel from the RSPCA on the 19th October in the belief he was the cockatiel I had lost on the 15th October. He was badly mauled by wild birds, and was in quite a bad state. he is now recovering well, been seen by vets and slowing gaining his confidence back. It has now become obvious he is not my cockatiel, but we have named him Brodie, and has a home here with us until his real mum nd dad come forward or for life. I am devasted at losing my tiel and maybe you are also devastated at losing yours and I have him. I have photos etc and he was found in the Fallowfield area of Manchester on the 15th of October 2006. Are u his mum?
  12. A tame hand reared std grey cockatiel. Hatched 17th July 2006. No sightings since he escaped. Much loved, desparately worried, no lead not followed. Reward offered. PS I am currently looking to go see the one that was found in Oswestry (prolly give him a home if he wants to come with me anyway) but pics have been exchanged and whilst he is similiar nothing is definate, so see no harm in putting this post out.
  13. well photos have been exchanged and its looking good, not a efinate yet but very positive, will let u all know and thanks for good wishes
  14. Can anyone who knows this member and has her phone number pls contact her urgently and ask her to check her PM's and email, I am trying to contact her as is the breeder of my missing tiel. We both think this could be Bebe, who went missing in manchester on the 15th October. Many thanks and god speed BEbe home xxx
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