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  1. Just thought I'd log on and say I'm in so if anyone want's to call that's fine. Me and steph are going to get to monty about 10ish - got to get through a fair bit of rush hour(s) traffic. We'd then hope to get to the M1 for 12. I'm in work at half one so will be on a fairly tight timeline to get back. If it's any better for anyone we can hold onto monty till friday when I'm not working at all and can meet at almost anytime that suits anyone else. Any way we're all set to get monty tommorow, we're taking a small cage that will hold a grey for travelling and a cat carry cage thingy - which is probbaly the preffered thing to pop monty in. Cheers Alex
  2. I'd have thought stay as natural as you can, using pellets just as an adition to a fruit veg and seed based diet. Also I don't think pellets smell nice but a good quality seed mix smells lovley, I go with my nose on this one.
  3. I'm generally in charge of feeding the dog and cat in our house. And to be fair I reckon I'm fairly guilty of not following this and our dylan is fussy (ish). He eats just not usually when I put it down, which to be fair can be a bit random. Never had a dog before just thought they would eat like cats do whenever it avaliable. Is it wrong if I were to feed him at a set time each day (how many times should I feed him? twice) and ocassionaly let him finish leftover dinner? however Lilly the cat eats whenever he can and never turns his nose up at food. Alex
  4. birdie our hahns likes to hang off the dyson and really likes it if you get the extender bit off and will climb up and down that quite happily while I potter about and hover. I thought she was going to help with washing up yesterday was a bit worried about her disapering in the foam! Teshu
  5. Hi there folks, afraid there's no progress on the tiel'. We didn't see it again yesterday. We reckon it was attracted to the sound of our hahns squawking but had doors shut in the evening as birds out and sally (sennie) came to stay for a few weeks. Hopefully we'll get a sight of her this evening or sunday when we about more. Maybe we'll take a bird outside and see if they attract the tiel back. But no joy so far.
  6. Awwh Jem your birds are so cute, I love the innocent faces on page 2. Hope they're making you smile a bit, they look so much fun to be around. Go on holiday and let me look after them for a week pleeeeeasssee. Alex
  7. Dosen't look in the best way does the poor kitty I'm not to sure whats best to do, supose I'd try and tempt it somwhere where you could get a closer look at it. Got any food to tempt it with? You could call the cat protection league 08702 099 099, they may have some advice or practical help. I think it was them that gave a work friend of mine good advice about some wild cats living near them. Teshu
  8. Hi Brian I'm stephies other half, she's at work today so may not be around to call or post to much. But were both in this evening from 6ish. So just PM or post and we'll get in contact tonight if you're still looking for a holiday home for your senie. Alex
  9. Last night apple purposley landed on my head! :shock: Which was nice except I couldn't see her and it wasn't till after I'd finished feeding her sunflower seeds that it occoured to me that the shells were just bieng left on top of my head :roll: Apple's coming along so well and she comes down to be fed by steph on the arm of the sette nearly everyday now.
  10. Hey rabbitalot I'm not sure you've offended anyone it's just that people feel strongly about wing clipping. As vikky says you did it through love and for what sound like good reasons to you but your bird won't learn to fly till considerably later than is usual and you've removed it's basic ability to fly - which basicaly upsets/annoys people. Hopefully it's been done as expertly and as well as possible. As a rule though I don't think many people cut parts of other animals off to stop them running away they keep an eye on them shut gates put leads on etc. At some stage your kids will have to learn to shut the windows or the bird will go, it should become an ingrained habbit as soon as possible for all family members. Teshu
  11. YOu can teach birds not to fly into windows but if it's an open door or window they can fly walk climb or glide through. And once outside even a clipped bird can be taken up and off by the wind. or got by summit! It's your decision but I reckon most people on hear would say No cos it's parrots first and if they don't fit in your house then don't have one. Not saying that rabbitalot dosen't care for and love her bird at all, just that most people won't clip them. It doesn't half get the blood and emotions rushing though the thought of clipping.
  12. NO It's cruel, there's loads of ways of teaching birds about windows, and if you're gonna harness train them you should never just take them outside and not have a harness clipped on to your belt instead of just bieng held in your hand even with a clipped bird. Mogwai our grey is a surprisingly agile flyer, thwey can turn and manovere alot better than I think you expect, and even limit the effects of a crash landing with full wings. Just NO. Teshu You'll have a much happier healthier well adjust bird without clipping wings.
  13. I know steph had wanted a grey for years before we got together then we waited a while and then got mogwai. And really although the wait seams like ages I think it helps you really want to bond with them and work with them to make them the hapiest and best birds they can be for you and your family. Good luck parrot proofing your house
  14. Hiya We've got a grey, mogwai and he's great a very laid back bird. Probably not a typical grey though. We looked after a B&G for a while and I found them to be more managable than I though they would be, the main problem is fear/lack of confidence in handling them - well thats what I found. Once your used to them it was fine - better than fine great fun. I guess if you get a baby you'll get used to the size. The only issue we had was space, he'd fly round the room but you do need a BIG room/space to give them wing room so they can flap about safley. I can't rember the room size we had but if stephie reads this she'll remember, I'd reckon it was the minimum room size you could get a way with. You'll probably find eventually if you stick with one bird you'll want another, so you may end up with a grey as well later. There's always birds that need rehoming once you've some experiance and confidnece with them. Also at stafford parrot show there's a macaw enclosure where you'll be able to get real close and probbaly :?: hold/stroke a few birds and they seamed to be nice people really happy to talk about them. Well done though for taking the time to thnk and plan, it's worth it to be really sure and 100% commited. Your B&G may well outlive you so uit's a long term commitment and will be worth every bit of thought and research you put into it. Tehsu Of all the birds we have or had (B&G included) the beak that worries me most is our hahns - it's pointy!!! Mogwai is gentle and the few bites I've ever had don't hurt half as much as the piercing inquisative nip/bite of the little hahns.
  15. Hi there As people have said there's no way of knowing in advance how 2 birds will get on but planning on them sharing a cage would probably be a mistake. We first got mogwai a CAG and then lola a ringneck came to stay with us she spent ages trying to be close to mogwai and be his friend but he was never intrested not agressive just not intrested. Then we got max another ringneck he and lola had a few scraps over pecking order at first but settled down and happily shared a cage, within weeks. Then we got apple a sennie she was largley indifrent to the ringnecks but likes to spend time on mogwais cage - mogwai is still basically not intrested in her or bothered about her on his cage, he shouts her ocasionaly. apple never really had any issues with the ringnecks either pottering on her cage or bieng in the same room. Then came birdie a hahns macaw, apple and birdie don't really get on and they need to be closley watched especially when out together, they will scrap a bit if they get to close. and apple gets jelous of birdie sitting on me or steph. We also had 2 rehomed budgies (from diffrent places) that took to sharing a cage within hours of bieng introduced to each other. Hope this helps show how in each situation and diffrent birds can get along diferently. Basically you'll need to plan on 2 cages if you've 2 birds and you may get lucky and they'll share but take that as a BIG bonus not as a goal to work towards. Also sometimes it's better to spend quite a long time really thinking about a 2nd bird and getting used to 1 bird, a year maybe before getting a second, but thats my opinion. Teshu
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