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  1. Hi, Here's a link to "hannibal" taken just after he got back with mr shop keeper today! The Jardines is a baby, I spent time with him at the shop before he left! Not once did i get bitten, not once did I get growled at?! it was never someones pet its a baby?! Abbe chose to listen to other people who do not know the bird, and who gave advice to her from seeing pictures!! She also chose not to give the bird chance to get to know her, or settle in at first like she should have done. How would you like to be taken from the things and people you know, having to travel all day, to then see new surroundings, with new people and a lady who wants to put a camera in your face?! would you be happy? Mr shop keeper was right in what he said, put the bird in the corner and leave him a while, this is to let him settle and get used to his new surroundings, and her way of things! to give him chance to adjust, but she stated she wasn't willing to do that?! Abbe, if "Hannibal" was going to bite you, you really would have known about it, baby parrots often grab with their beaks, but they are babys, they do not understand how hard they can grab! he certainly wasn't trying to harm you or your partner, you mention him growling the closet thing to a growl in the videos you got on you tube is the noise baby parrots make! He was happily playing in his cage with something and then you come along again with your camera open the cage up and again put it in his face, you can see him step back because he isn't sure of it, you stick your finger out alot of the time, which to me any baby bird would see as a game, after all it wasn't like you were attempting to go straight to his head and give him tickles you were sticking your finger in front of him?! what do you expect him to do shake it? he grabs your finger and you make no attempt to tell him off? to tell him no?! You just say ow and don't correct him, so as a baby he doesn't even know he is doing wrong! You follow him round the cage with your camera and then you offer him a treat trying to get him to stand on your arm, and then as soon as hes just about got the treat you pull it well away from him, hes a baby, you were teasing him, i'd have bitten you! You certainly don't come across as confident enough to handle him! and sorry, but I would be as annoyed as mr shop keeper was if you came on here and posted like you have done, he reared the baby bird, and could see from the videos you posted he wasn't biting you as such, or meaning to harm you, but you wouldn't have any of it, i'm not sure what you were expecting? A new baby parrot that you could get straight out and give cuddles to as if he'd known you since hatch day?! I'm sure it wont take long for him to find a new home, I just hope the next owner gives him a bit more time to settle, or else this is going to be one baby bird who will simply be passed from one place to another the rest of his life! :evil:
  2. thanks for your help vikky your a star thanks LAM, been waiting from thursday afternoon for the invisible email to appear! :roll:
  3. She advertises parrot boarding in which she states she has a macaw and a grey so im assuming she already got a macaw from somewhere? http://bradford.ukclassifieds.co.uk/parrot_boarding-o300916.html
  4. Shes on the other parrot site under the name gembob .....
  5. just thought i'd say The cockatoos and greys were advertised on click pets by same person on the 8th september so i doubt thats its related...
  6. I Dont think there was any hope for minty-blue, she was only a baby still, they had her about 3 days when she escaped, no one seen her after she flew out of the tree, althou they spent every day searching, and all the neighbours too (as they wouldnt be able to hear minty-blue calling) she was so friendly thou, just hope someone found her (she'd go to everyone) even if it means they never give her back! Just had a call from John Hayward, thought someone had found her, but it wasnt its another Ducorps that was found in Abergavenny! Dont suppose anyone else has heard/lost a Ducorps too? Its got a ring on.... Have had A quick look round on some sites to see if anyone has posted anything about one, and personally I haven't heard anything.....
  7. Have you tried running super anti spyware? http://www.superantispyware.com/ or Rogue Remover? http://www.malwarebytes.org/rogueremover.php both were reccomended to me by a tech guy when i was having major probs, Other than that you could try going to http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ and register (its all free) and post a topic on there about whats hapening one of the techs will be able to help you out, they'll most prob ask you to download and run HiJackThis and upload your log so they can see if you have any nasties hidden away that aint being picked up, - just an idea. Goodluck, dont drink too much :wink:
  8. sounds very much like a scam to me.......
  9. Hi, Posting this on behalf of a friend, Her baby ducorps cockatoo called minty-blue escaped yesterday (5-8-07), she located it in a tree near by and spent all day trying to get it down with no luck today it got spooked and flew off. The cockatoo is close rung, I Have the ring number if needed. If anyone hears of anything please pm me, or call me personally (as the lady herself is deaf) on 07961208331. I Have also just reported it to john hayward.....
  10. The only thing I can think of which would cause this is as greenwing said and thats PDD (Macaw Wasting Disease) Which i'm sure cockatiels can get. I Know the one of the signs of PDD is whole seeds in poo, Althou I Guess that could be a sign of other things too, Is there anyway it could have come into contact with an ill bird? I Would say 100% u should get onto vet in morning and find out more, exp if you have any other bird that could come into contact wth your tiel. Heres a bit off info on PDD PDD is a very devastating, fatal disease affecting not only macaws, but has been seen in many species, including African Greys, cockatoos, cockatiels, conures, Eclectus parrots, Amazons, and budgies. Symptoms: Typical symptoms include constant or intermittent regurgitation, chronic bacterial or fungal crop infections, pendulous crops, weight loss, passage of whole intact seeds in droppings, incoordination, depression or sudden death. Concomitant central nervous system signs may include ataxia, abnormal head movements, seizures, and proprioceptive or motor deficits. These signs, unfortunately, are not specific for this disease. Other conditions, such as lead poisoning, bacterial and fungal infections, foreign bodies and obstructions, can mimic this disease. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that was taken from here http://www.avianweb.com/pdd.html But then there is also this Here are some other feces abnormalities you should speak with your vet about: Undigested food. If you notice any bits of seed or pellets, be worried. These symptoms could mean parasites, an intestinal infection, proventricular dilation, or a disease of the pancreas or other internal organs. Which was taken from here : http://www.parrotchronicles.com/septoct2002/droppings.htm Not meant to panic you as i said pdd is only thing i could think of althou second link does say other things to do with seed in poo. its worth getting you tiel checked over anyway. Goodluck!
  11. Wow, I For one think thats a bit unfair doing that to "lola" U Can see shes clearly standing to the side of the water in which case to me it seemed she didnt want a part in it never mind having her head stuck under the stream of water, yes i also agree you can clearly see her taking in the water. and at one point she even goes quiet leans forward and sneezes, When my mum and dad first showed me how to handrear and care for baby parrots, they always told me no way should i ever soak a baby, If they ever had dry rearing food on them i should always use wet cotton wool, and if they ever have anything on there body/feathers always use a damp cloth. but never soak them even if as u say u do stick them straight back in the brooder afterwards. I Do agree at the fact that this topic will help other people not to do same thing, but at the same time, people who have at first voiced there opinions shouldnt return and carry on posting as it only ends up aggravating things, and then everyones posts ends up sounding sarcastic/argumentative too eachother. People know how you feel about it in your first posts. Anyway thats my opinion. Take care
  12. I Will try and catch it then i guess before it goes disapearing again, Then i'll have to ring around everywhere in hope someone can help. I Just dont want to end up hurting it even more theres no way it cannot be in pain, vikky i thought it was a red band but it turned out to be its fur and skin missing, it also looks as if its missing a bit of its tail. Thanks.
  13. Theres this black cat thats always around, no one owns it, it just tends to hang around and get fed by everyone along my road, Well just now i was in bathroom and looked out of window to see it in next doors garden again, only this time it looked like it had a red elastic band tied round its tail, so i ran down stairs and out back, only to find its fur/skin on top of his tail is hanging off, Neighbour come out and said blacky (thats what she calls it) went missing for four days and came back a day ago like this she thinks it got attacked by a dog, to me it looks like its been hit by a wheel on its back end? poor thing is limping a bit she's tried catching it but when she gets near he runs, Should I try to catch it? or ring some cat protection thing? or rspca? do u recon they'd come out like now? she says it comes and goes, and she dont think it will be here much longer before it wanders off for the day.... heres pics of it (sorry they aint clear but i had to hang over fence)......
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