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  1. Nice to see a lot of names I recognise It was a nice surprise to see the email and link...long may it reign Still here, 12 birds.....lost 2, one flew, one had a heart attack......found 3! 4 galah's, 3 greys, 3 citrons and 2 caiques....look forward to see more faces.
  2. Oh lovely, so pleased, have been looking out for her all day, will tell mandy, she'll be happy. So pleased. xx
  3. You must be devastated. Have you let Mandy know? get out at sunrise and call her. Posters on lampposts etc. local papers, the pet shop, ask everyone.
  4. Hi Tony I'm in the Wirral, email me and I'll let you know someone who will after I've asked her! newtonmargy@msn.com Margy xx
  5. Hi and welcome, I've two of those naughty yellow thighed caiques........are anybody else's as naughty as mine???
  6. Janet F.......Get over yourself. XXXX
  7. That poor person lost Nets birds while they were holidaying with her and she's not doing much to help with the search. And it's not Net that has been personal here. Net is out there at sun rise to sunset, it's 40 mins away from her house, 5 mins from the house that they went from. So don't you dare comment on things you know nothing about and take your mojo else where, friend of the 'person being bitched about'
  8. I really hope that whoever your precious babies stayed with is out there looking day and night for them! I really don't know how you can be civil Net!!!! Any parrot owner knows that you close doors behind you, you don't have windows open, or put them on the lock, you know exactly where each and every bird is.....and if they are not your own birds, then you are twice as vigilant!!! I'd be utterly devastated if they were mine and from the comments on the Fb page, it doesn't even look as though you are out there looking! Disgraceful.
  9. Another personal recommendation....he's fabulous, nothing is too much trouble, he only deals with birds, you can call on him anytime and he talks with you, not at you. His veterinary nurse Carli is great too.
  10. Lea, June had a few Birdline Birds too so Sheila Downes has been alerted and she is on the case, she is phoning about now to find out what, where, who, etc. She also has been passd your number and has been told about Mollie and Bilbo. Lets hope she can pull a few strings and find something out.
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