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  1. I have hopefully now found a parrot sitting service which will answer all my problems. The service is called 'while youre away' and is based in Shropshire. They have various people on their books and they try to link you up with someone in your area. The person/couple selected then come and live in your home for the duration of the time you are away and look after your birds/dogs/cats whatever as well as the house. Apart from the fact that I will have to spring clean its seems a good idea. We have not met our sitters yet but we get a chance to meet and discuss our requirements beforehand to make sure we are happy with everything. It will work out very expensive but at least we will get the holiday!
  2. hi I would n't mind helping you out if you cant find anyone nearer. I live about 30 miles from Warrington near Ormskirk. What's one more parrot? Linda
  3. Thanks for all the good advice, I think my problem is that because I have a B&G macaw & greenwing macaw indoors in 2x Nova2 cages (they are 8'x6'x4') as well as the birds outdoors it would be very difficult to transport them anywhere and no one would have the room! It would be good if anyone would be willing consider a holiday swap. I wouldnt mind doing a week or so for someone in the summer months or whenever. Linda
  4. I live in the lancashire/merseyside area and I am having real difficulty finding someone willing to be a parrot sitter for when me and my husband go on holiday later in the year. I have tried all the vets practices in the area to see if any of the nurses would be willing to do it but no luck so far. Most of the pet sitting agencies only do cats and dogs. I would like to know how have other parrot owners managed in similar situations and is there anyone out there in my area who would be interested? I would be more than willing to do the same for them.
  5. Hi Brian Sorry I have only just seen your message as have not logged on for a while. I would have been willing to mind your senegal as I live quite near you, perhaps next time if you are stuck! Linda
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