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  1. cheers guys loads of helpful little tips amongst this lot ,so i,ll just keep trying to trick him until he eventually likes his veggies :twisted:And stephie you had me in stitches. could just imagine hugging the parrot stand :lol:nice one
  2. pheww glad to hear it ..was sure someone was going to give me in to trouble :!: mind you it did strike me as a strange thing for a parrot to eat as i,d never heard of one :? just goes to show never to old to learn :oops:
  3. I just know i,m going to get a lot of "oh you shouldn,t give em that " when I tell you this so I,d firstly like to point out this was not something i purposly set out to do however whilst returning from a night on the town I had bought the obligitory chinese "special fried rice" anyway on getting home spike was giving me his customary welcome home daddy thing which basically means bobbing up & down in his cage while he screams at the top off his lungs so didn,t think the nieghbours would apprciate it at nearly midnight I let him out to see me and whilst eating my chinky he made a beeline for believe it or not a prawn which was left in the foil container and if he sees prawns which I have to admit to having a bit of a passion for he goes mad for one eats the lot and starts again in fact i,m so concerned myself as to how it might affect him if i,m having anything with prawns in it I put him in his cage but its the only food he genuinley gets excited about :?
  4. well believe it or not spike took some apple and some carrot today but was through no great effort on my behalf, Whilst sitting eating an apple myself today with spike sitting on the arm of my chair he decided he would steal a bite and in my surprise i almost pulled it away from him ,but stopped in time to allow him a bit from the back end of the apple after a couple of bits he decided he wanted the apple so I allowed him to have it and he did actually eat quite a few pieces b4 deciding it was more fun to destroy the thimg and fling it all o,er the carpet so tonite when I got in from work I had the brainwave of trying the same thing again but with a carrot this time and it worked a treat exact same thing though wonder how i,ll manage brussel sprouts or worse broccoli.yeuch :mrgreen:
  5. jimbo


    Hi Jep firstly I ,d like to say I ,m no parrot expert but when we first brought our too, Spike. home he was an absolute monster would get right up in yer face and did in fact lay me open on 2 occassions, and all I have done which seems to have completely transformed him was firstly reduce the hieght of his cage and stand putting his eye level below the older members of the household and started to give him a fixed bedtime as previously he would be up with the family and went to bed at the same time as the family which could be from 6 am till 12.00/1.00 am now he is kept strictly to 8.30am till 9.00pm he,s now a completely different parrot and is actually a pleasure to have around although he still gets stroppy with the younger kids and it strikes me as strange that these are also the same kids below his eye level when ither in his cage or perch and i do know that in a birds world hieght equals status/power, don,t know if any of this helps but it,s what we did. good luck.
  6. hi i,ve got a ducorps too which i understand to be considerably smaller than the umbrella and he goes through any wooden toys including a £200 parrot gym like a chainsaw, I,ve taken to making my own rope type toys or giving him big nuts and bolts to undo this works a treat and keeps him busy for ages. I also hung a cargo net from the cieling and then hung a load of ropes tied in big knots and feather dusters which he loves to pluck,I also drilled through small logs of pine passed rope through this allows him to vent his vandalistic tendencies and keep his beak in good order as he loves to destroy the logs while swinging about on the ropes.Just some ideas for you and maybe you,ll be luckier than me yours may not be a chainsaw will try to put a photo of spikes hangin play gym in my photo bucket so you can see some of these ideas in practice
  7. Hi can anyone actually tell me the long term effects on a parrot who flatly refuses to eat veg even when given nout else in fact certain veg,s terrify her, ie corn still on the cob , pomegranite, bannana. Believe me i have persevered trying different approaches but they end up in the bin as she just will not eat them :x I do put vitamin drops in her water , keep a mineral block in her cage, and give her calcivet once a week in an attempt to make sure she,s getting anything she requires but it does cause me some concern and would love to see her eating her veggies
  8. Thanks MMM very informative also reassure me i,m going in the right direction. We got spike from a student coming to the end of his studies, he said " don,t know where life will go from here" so he was looking to sell his parrot :? anyway when we got her she would display, hiss and threaten everything from a parrot toy to any new face. suspect all she knew was the student bedsit and his circle of friends,and as the only toys the fella had with her was a piece of stick with a split dog chain attached to form a swing this was probably the first she,d seen bright colorful toys anyway the one thing she seemed to accept right from the start was myself :oops: such an honor :oops: I,ve used this to build her confidence she now has a whole array of toys almost bad as the kids will go to my missus and 3 eldest kids but still having a time of it with the smaller kids :cry: but sure we,ll get there and as it,s more than just concievable that from 5 kids i,m likely to have grankids it is important to me she becomes a well balanced all round trustworthy girl which I,m sure she will IN TIME :wink:
  9. Hi just like to say I also give spike pasta probably bout once a week macaroni & cheese, spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, etc also fed my amazon the same way and in my opinion :!: :!: they love it and like most things in moderation it aint going to harm them also Jaffa my o.w.a lived well into his 50,s so must be safe enough
  10. Hi Was just wondering how all you different parrot keepers get on making your chosen parrot know his place within your family as we all know generally a parrot will bond up to 1 particular person but in the real world we all know they have to get on with all the members of the household. spike my own bird is definatley my too as i can do almost anything with her and she,ll actively seek me out at certain times through out the day. however as a coach driver I work and have to be away from home from time to time so its important he gets on with the wife as she,s there for her all the time :? Which in itself is confusing as you,d think shed bond to my wife for that very reason :?: But no I,m her chosen awww shucks However beyond this it,s also important she accepts if never actually likes the kids :evil: so its therfore a non stop round of supervised interaction between the kids spike and supervised my myself or my missus and i just wondered how everyone else got on with this particular aspect of keeping parrots :!: :? also like to add the one thing the little horror won,t let me do :twisted: YET :twisted: is put a harness on her :!: what a battle :oops: convinced she does actually want it on but loves to get a wrestle going
  11. Dead right sharongooner DERANGED is the word :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: love you to bits one minute and hate you the next and more than happy to display thier emotions but you got to luv em and I just love last thing at night b4 bedtime she,s got to cuddle right into my neck and if you don,t stroke her then she,ll sure preen you ILUV IT, think this defines bonding dont you :?:
  12. Hi :roll: ok i,ll try to clear up my cage issue the cage spike lives in is black it is 4foot long x 3foot high x 3foot wide however it should go on a stand in order to bring it up to approx 5foot high and the top would open giving it further hieght. however I don,t use the stand as spike has a real attitude problem going on at the moment and once allowed to be higher than people he gets proper aggresive towards them. I therefor keep his cage on the ground so even when perching on the open top which in reality is where he is most of the time as his cage is positioned in the corner under his play toys,which allows the cage to act as a catch tray and he has access to all his toys whenever he wants them allowing him to climb about chew destroy and do all the things he loves to do all day long BUT :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Keeps him below my eye level the wifes and the oldest kids however he is on direct eye level with my second youngest and above the baby and the way he reacts towards them compared to those above his eye level has to be seen to be believed he,ll spit or hiss at them and if he reckons thier within striking range he,ll try to strike out at them. :? Yet will happily interact with them when lifted by my wife or myself and brought down to thier level ie whilst sitting on a seat or such like so this is the reason his cage perhaps look small but theres no way in the world a 14inch bird needs anymore space than what spike has :wink:
  13. DON,T say that the wife will kill me if I tell her i,m getting a bigger one as his cage is 48"x 36"x 30" at the moment he also has a big rope climby thing in the corner and spends very little time in his cage, so the wifes already totally convinced his cage is a waste of space and its enormous probably just doesn,t show it in the photo.
  14. Hi milos mum sorry the first time I say hi is at such a hard time for you but as someone said earlier this to will pass and I can totally sympathise with you at this time as the future for spike my too is a bit uncertain at the moment as my youngest son is showing signs of severe allergic reaction to something in his environment and the only thing that has changed recently is spike joining the family :roll: so he,s bieng tested at the asthma & allergies clinic, meantime poor old spikes been confined to the dining room which joins my computer room, both off which are off limits to the wean. However I,m fully aware that this is not a permanent solution should it turn out the wean is allergic to the too dust so my heart goes out to you and hope all goes better for you than you hope :wink:
  15. hi guys :wink: sharongooner you,ve just described my too down to a tee. one day totally adores me the next day can,t see me far enough :? Just backs up my theory got to be a hormonal female..lol.. :twisted: but sure would appreciate any info you can pass onto me, Actually went and bought a book purely on too,s and the Ducorps was mentioned once in the passing sort of a " oh yes you also get a ducorps" type thing i,m tellin you £12.50 for as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike and like huggybear2000 says you can never know too much in general but even more specific on your own particular choice ..ie species type etc. so sure thing anything you got gratefully welcomed.
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