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  1. Why thankyou name removed x. Had a look at ur bucket and Looks like u had a few pies to many too!!! I rest my case. I bet i can guess your new years resolution ! Chukkle chukkle ! oooooops maybe i had a hit to many !!!!!!!! MAN THATS GOOD !!!! unacceptable language censored
  2. Who Cares ????????? Its a forum ! People post irrelevant crp all the time so now its my turn Get over urselfs Tara.
  3. That quilt is quite sumthing to behold!!! I had to look in great detail to appreciate the long weary hours that must have gone into making such a load of old shait !!! African grey's dont have red eyes so why the do urs on ur quilt ? Ill tell u why cos its been done by an ameture thats why!!! I'd be quite dissapointed to be given a quilt covered in what looks like a parrot sanctuary for mistreated birds advert !!! Christmas is meant to be a time of joy but this depiction of our feathered friends leaves me wondering if all posts on this site are simply a way of people taking time out from eating all the pies. And while im telling it how it would appear to be I may as well include your very best poster name removed, Had a peek at your picsand my god i needed C.P.R. u spooked me so much i died !!! U have tarantulas stuck to your face !!! unacceptable language censored
  4. Thanks MMM. I've been working my way through the Info section, it's a great source of information and advice, but it will take me a while to get through it all. I know - I ought to have done a search for laddering first :oops: You have an amazing capacity for recall to remember all these pertinent threads MMM :shock:
  5. Very informative However, does anyone know what "laddering" is? I've never heard this expression before.
  6. Mmmmmm....... Jock's just been introduced to a Telecaster - he growled :shock: Think Jock could be a Rock Chic - doesn't know a class axe when he/she sees it Or maybe Jock just doesn't like The Chili Peppers :wink: Unless they're in his food bowl, groan :roll:
  7. I've tried playing, but my b/f is a terrible teacher :evil:
  8. I say boy, because Baxter has the good taste to perch on a Telecaster ( if I recognise the headstock?), and a girl wouldn't appreciate such a fine guitar :wink: Or I could just be blethering as usual Need to find out what Jock's fav guitar is.
  9. Yeah i think its an affection thing he's doing, as i said he's not trying to bite or peck. He's a real sweety I had no idea that he'd be so excited when out the cage in our company. Mind you, when he squats at the edge of the table to do his squirts i have to thank him ! :shock: ( well we eat off that table) :roll:
  10. He's way to greedy to part with any food for me. But when i have a hobnob thats a totaly different matter :wink: He's my very best friend !!!
  11. Hi all, Jock has been in his usual playful mode today, but one thing he's doing has us both baffled!!! When u ask him if he wants a tickle he bows his head down for it, but as u go to tickle he opens his mouth up and lifts his wings back and tries to succle ur finger??? Kind of like a baby looking for food :shock: But theres no way he's hungry(he's eating plenty all day) We havnt a clue what he's doing :oops: Anyone any ideas on this? Its cute but kinda strange! but he isnt trying to bite :?
  12. Jock also likes mashed potato, i mix it with cauliflower, brocolli, sweetcorn and carrot and add grapes and pomegranite , served at room temperature, He just wont eat anything straight from the fridge! Maybe i give him a little to much and thats why hes growing haha!
  13. Mylo's Mummy - have you noticed Mylo getting bigger recently? Jock has been eating loads recently, we can almost see him growing. He doesn't seem to refuse anything - scoffs all fruit and veg we give him, and he's quite partial to a little bit of hob nob too :oops:
  14. His whistling is very clear, esp wolf whistle, and he does a mean donald duck too He responds when offered a treat by making a double chirp sound. He also bows down while making a baby type noise when he's looking for a tickle. Come to think of it - what did we ever do before we had him :wink:
  15. H i all. I just wanted to share my excitment with you all Jock said what sounded very like Hello three times in a row tonight!!! :shock: Could he be talking his first word at just 15 weeks or was it just my imagination He has been quite chatty latley kinda just goobldygook stuff, but this was deffo a clear Hello, although very parroty-like. Will he become clearer as he gets older?
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