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  1. hi can anyone help looking for a cock y/naped aviary bird must have paper work and at least 3 years old thanks
  2. hi unfortunately my cock bird (billy) passed away on the 09/08/15 the hen bird lucy is pinning all day long and not eating very well any advice would be appreciated they were together 9 years aviary birds looking to buy a cock bird must have papers and be mature as hen bird is very demanding bought cock bird (billy) from a mike knight on this forum does anyone know how I can contact him I`ve lost his contact details I now he was in the swindon area back then. thanks
  3. hi derek thanks for the advice will look out for some angle ally
  4. got a young pair of yellow naped amazons had cock 6 years hen 5 years want to put nest box in aviary next year any help on size shape would be helpfull 3/4 ply ok
  5. hi could anybody please give me any information about a company called macaws direct as i am looking to purchase a young greenwing macaw any info would be appreciated. thanks
  6. hi will d dutch products be available at the stafford show!
  7. hi building a aviary for my y/naped amazons could someone please advise me on the best gauge of wire to use also size of mesh ie 1x1 or 2x2 also a good supplier thanks
  8. hi i have a young pair of y/naped amazons cock 2 years hen 18 months i would like to put them in a outside aviary. could some one let me know the best time of year to do this. also any advice on size of aviary. full or partial roof covering. would it be better to have a small shed attatched for a feeding station.and for the birds to go into as and when they want to. thanks
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