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  1. Oh pottys mum just to let you know I never got the pm from you. I have read that others have had trouble sending them from parrot link too. Thanks for the help though
  2. Hi all, sorry no update for a while but no real news to report. We have had a couple of phone calls of people hearing parrot calls in the morning within a half mile radius until we turned up to be told, 'have n't heard it today'. I go there every morning and evening just in case. Have leafleted all the houses in that area too. Another story is someone overhearing a man taking down a Jasper lost poster 2 weeks ago and telling someone he found feathers in a field in Upton country park. The man was debating whether to call with bad news and did not. We are trying to track him down. It's been almost a month now and still no luck. Can't help thinking about hm when the fireworks are going off. Hope everyone is doing well and it's great to hear about the parrot who was rescued in West Cumbria
  3. Hi, Jasper was charlie, a woman from a mile down the road had lost him on the 14th or 15th - found the advert on preloved. He had flown about 3 miles was out in the open for 5 days and was a right mess when we found him, if Jasper hasn't been taken in I :arrow: imagine he is poorly by now . Admittedly Charlie recovered fairly quickly and it was great to see how excited he was when she came to collect him. Just done posters in all the petshops, vets, corner shops again today. Fingers crossed.
  4. I can't believe this but Jasper isn't Jasper! We new from the start that he looked different - his beak was different he had a one black tail feather - jasper didn't, his mannerisms were different. Everyone around us told us that it was him and we put it down to shock and 10days+ in the wild. We wanted to believe it was him but there was a big nagging doubt. Eventually his last owner found his documentation and ring number and checked it and it really isn't him. this parrot is much younger and has a different number. We're gutted. The good thing is we have saved someone else's parrot and have nursed it back to health. Poor thing is still nervous and timid and now we know why. Tommorrow we restart the search in earnest for Jasper and for pseudo- jasper owners. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. Yes I agree with you flyer. We were worried about upsetting him anymore than he already has been with this whole experience. And the vets is n't his favourite experience :evil: But as he is poorly I don't want to risk losing him twice let you know what vet says Cheers
  6. Hi all, thanks again for kind words. I will keep posting to let you know how he's getting on. We are very pleased to Jasper back, he seems shellshocked poor thing. Last night he slept and ate LOADS but didn't talk. we took this to be a good thing. Today he's still not talking and has developed diarrhoea that is quite watery. So off to the vets tomorrow to get him checked out. Hopefully we can soon get him back to his gobby old self
  7. We got Jasper back!!! He was 3-4 miles away sat on a couple's camper van and has been there for a few days. They caught him took him to a farm stock shop that contacted a the local vets. We are all so pleased to have him back, friends and family all seemed really chuffed too. he's a bit shell shocked, hungry and tired at the moment. in fact we didn't recognise him when we got him. We look forward to him getting back to normal and jabbering to us all. Thanks everyone for advice and kind words, you really were and inspiration and solace when i thought I'd never see him again. He was gone for 11 days in all Jason
  8. Hi Jenny, thanks for your kind offer. I think it's just a waiting game though. All of our family have been, and continue to go out walking over the area and direction he flew off over and put posters up over there but no sign of him. There's loads of birds around and it's a big area with lots of water, trees and marshland. I'm turning into a birdwatcher! :oops: It's been a week and a day since he went so he must be hungry or worse.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, yes the family have all volunteered. My wife's parents and sisters family all live in the same street as us. My sister in law had Jasper for 5 years before we took over caring for him and is still close to him. They will be searching for him. It is a real dilemma, whether to cancel and lose all my money. If it meant i would get him back, no problem. But what if I cancel and still don't get him? He was so high and moving so fast when crossed the railway line (surrounded by elm and oak trees) he looked like he would n't land for miles. i can't imagine him finding his way back. he certainly isn't nearby. The posters are up, we've contacted birdwatchers, local wardens, vets, freeads etc, local newspapers, local radio, RSPCA and RSPB. We've all covered miles today calling and shouting his favorite phrases but no reply. there are lots of wood pigeons in the nature reserve and from a distance it's hard to distinguish them from an African Grey. Do you think he has good chance of surviving the cold nights? It is av. min temp of 11 to 15 celsius in poole the next 5 days. that is my biggest worry that he will die of cold tonight
  10. Hello, hope you can help. We live on Holes bay, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset and our African Grey parrot escaped this afternoon 08/10/2006 at 16:00. Last seen flying over the railway line into upton park. Upton park is a bird nature reserve with woods and lots of open water so hopefully he has made friends. I am worried i will never see him again but am willing to offer a decent reward to anyone who finds him. Jasper is very chatty and says "night, night, jasper" "Gem, gem, gem" "Come on then" "Surfs up" "Git" "Jason!.............What?" whispers "sue,sue,sue,sue"" and many, many more also whistles "she gives me love" by Ray Charles I am out of the country on holiday for a week from Monday so could you please send any news/recommendations to mailto:howlers@freeuk.com. Very worried about him as the weather is getting cold and I am away for a week. Don't know how I can enjoy my holiday now Thanks for any assistance. Regards Jason Howells
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