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  1. Sorry, we've only had him around 3 weeks - I know it is still early days but didn't want to prolong Louie's agony if I can help it - he is clearly frightened of me :cry: I'm off to read the other thread now :wink:
  2. Sorry to hijack this thread but I have a similar problem with my CAG Louie. He is around 2 years old and hates me but loves my hubby :? He has a large cage and paystand and plenty of toys both inside and outside of his cage and a couple of java branches. The toys vary between rope and wood things, rope swings, acrylic, bells, toys to work at to find the treat and a kong. He amuses himself quite happily and I change the toys around not only removing and adding toys but also changing the position. :wink: However, poor Louie is clearly frightened of me - he puffs his feathers out and tries to bite me whenever I go near the cage (although at first he sreamed too - this has stopped). We deciede that I would be Louie's 'carer', I feed him, change his water, alternate his toys, let him out in the morning, talk to him as much as I can but don't put him to bed (hubby does that). Is this the right thing to do? What else can I do to help Louie less frightened? When I am at home with him during the day he remains silent except for if the phone rings, he rarely calls me if I leave the room BUT as soon as my daughter or hubby comes home he's all chat - he has a long list of things he can say and other animal noises he can make. I don't know much about his previous owner or about the way he was reared :cry: Help poor Louie please. Sorry it was so long
  3. When I hoover (which isn't very often :shock: ) Louie dunks his head in his water bowl - so I got him a large shallow dish for him to wade in. Now hoover means bath to Louie and he loves it
  4. I'll see what sort of mood he's in tomorrow - he's having none of it tonight, won't me near the cage with puffing himself up. :roll: He's probably not forgiven me for screaming when he bit me earlier - I was only trying to feed him some coconut cubes and the little toad got me on my knuckle :cry: Hurt too.
  5. Hoping it's not bad news. Fingers crossed here for you.
  6. Might give some of them a try, thanks. I have ordinary peanut butter in the cupboard and I sometimes put a little in the kong and Louie loves it - is that OK to use in these recipes? TIA
  7. Thanks you lot - I will get some pictures of him (if he'll let me close enough :roll: ) I have a couple on my mobile but they're a bit rubbish
  8. Hello all, I've been a member for a couple of weeks now and this is my second post, but thought I'd better introduce myself properly I have a 2 year old CAG called Louie and he doesn't like me much but loves my hubby :cry: We've only had him for a couple of weeks so still taking things slowly. He talks quite a lot (when I'm not in the room) and loves his new cage, toys, playstand and especially his Kong. When my hubby puts his coat on Louie shouts 'see ya later' - that's so cool Enough about Louie for now :wink: Might just have to get me one of those photobucket things :wink:
  9. Today I visited a pet shop that had a Kingfisher in a large vivarium. Is this OK as I've never seen one before :?:
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