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  1. Greetings all. We went to see Jab today so thought I'd let everyone know how he's doing. First of he's lookin great as usual, he's now got the run of the aivary, but no longer has a gull for a neighbour (awwwww), but his sea gull friend apparently comes back for visits and sits on top of his cage on the evenings (yay!) Even more promising though is that he might finally have a candidate for a perfect best bud (jebirds has a good feelin and thats good enough for me) So forgive me if I'm going over old ground here, but David has an OW thats unfortunately had a bang on the head and lost it's vision (awwwwww), but is in a lovely heated aviary and David must be doin somethin right because it's sight seems to be commin back (double w00t!) It sounds a gentle bird just like Jab so plan is Jab will go spend winter with David bein introduced to his new pal, Jebirds is gonna re build the aviary ready for next spring/summer and if they hit it off they'll be back @ Jebirds in there new aviary all paired up and happy. It's pretty amazin how everythins fallin into place for Jab and I'm very grateful to Jebirds and David for all there doin for not just jab, but all the birds in there care because thats exactly what they do.....care. Thats the short version, ours lasted a bit longer over a coffee As a side note, Jebirds is gonna let me adopt a bird or 2 that she thinks will suit us and our lifestyle, hans, caiques were mentioned, but we'll see how it go's, but she trusts me not to have them on a sunday roast now I think so can't be bad. Think thats about it so onwards and upwards as they say. Until the next time Jab and lil Jab out.....
  2. Well long time no anythin I know, but can't write when I have nout to write about......but now I do so..... We went to visit Jab @ Jebirds yesterday. He looks great. Plummage has improved, looks more lively and is just bein what he supposed to be which is awsome. He's got company next to him in the form of a seagull I think she said. Apparently his cage buddy was gettin a bit boisterous with him so Jasper was moved out. He's had alot of diverse company since includin caiques not to mention the seagull he's got now. Alot of the other birds have come on alot from last year too which was nice to see. Was really nice seein all the improvements thats been made to the facillities for the birds and it's obvious that any bird that lands there is in good hands. Want to thank Jebirds and others for all they've done and bein so accomodatin for us. We'll try and get back down there 1 or 2 more times before headdin back inland. Jabb3r
  3. Merry Christmas guys. Hope you all have a great one
  4. Happy Halloween all, I don't really celebrate it tbh, but I decided to have a scary tea so I'm having... Youngs Ocean Pie and chips. Well it's scary to me anyway Muwhuhahahahahaha...
  5. I agree. After seeing jebirds toos that theese birds are in no way right for the home enviroment. I'm sure that some people have arguments against this, but there potential is accross the board, don't matter if hand reared or wild and all birds can drop into wild ways at anytime really. I guess theres an argument for aviary birds, because unwanted toos need help like anyother bird, but just observing them people should realise that they're not suited to a home. It's a shame, they're lovely birds, but it's true. It's similar equivilent to having a tabby cat or a tiger, sure the tabby might scratch, but 99 out of 100 times it aint a problem where as a tiger... Thats the way I think of it. So any perspective buyers just take note of this thread and choose a bird us humans can handle and cope with naturally. To a point I think macaws should be thought of similarly, but thats for a different discussion.
  6. Ok guys. This should be the final entry, @ least for a good while in the diary of me lil Jab I had already posted the information in another thread so I'll just add the link here. https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=396434#396434 Thanks all.
  7. Tbh I don't have an xdrive accnt myself I just know the app. From what I gather after you make your accnt it'll appear in my compputer as X:/ just like your C:/ does, and you'll be able to use it like you would a networked drive. It won't be as quick to copy files etc as your uploading and I think the program just does the same thing basically. I always have a pen drive on hand to carry around with me which is as good as for what I need atm.
  8. I don't know of a reccomended equivilent to xdrive myself, but the xdrive downloadd did work first time for me without probs and I'm on a super slow connection atm (old modem speeds) http://www.xdrive.com/downloads/exe/XdriveSetup_163.exe I did find a site which mentioned better alternatives it may be worth trying http://www.box.net (1Gb free) http://www.diino.co.uk/ (2Gb free) Hope it helps
  9. Right click on desktop, left click on properties and the display panel should open. Goto the Settings tab on the right and use the slider to change resolution to what you need. I use 1440 x 900 and thats widescreen so yours might need the same, if not just play around till you find one that suits, click apply after each change to see the results, don't worry if the screen becomes unreadable after selecting a certain resolution as it'll revert back if you don't click and accept the changes anyway.
  10. Hi sparkkwing Easy thing to try is using this link to access parrot-link If you seem to be having less issues this way then it's most likely a DNS problem on your ISP's side and you can also change your dns server to something like open DNS which is a free server I use all the time. It may help it may not, but let me know if it does and we can look into to changin your DNS in windows/router depending on the hardware configuration you have. Also it's worth noting that I've had issues with parrot-link myself through certain browsers, mostly with Opera and odd characters. Mozilla Firefox seems to workn the best for the site so far. Just to clarify DNS takes those I.P's and converts them into somethin thats better for us humans to read ie --> https://www.parrot-link.co.uk Lemme know how you get on.
  11. A bit of a late update, but.... Went to see Jab at Jebirds a couple of days ago. He was outside in 1 of her aviays next to mogui her conure looking very content albeit a bit startled to see all theese people glaring at him, hehe We also decided after much discussion to go ahead and get a friend for Jab as we all feel he'll benefit greatly as proven with Junes Conure next to him, he likes a neighbour.
  12. Personally I used to use Photoshop, but now I use the GIMP more (it's free!) Does more than most will ever need. Theres a learning curve, but it aint too hard. Once yu get the idea of layers/gradients and the like yu can make some pretty cool stuff.
  13. I didn't see this, but I agree with B & G My facebook profile pic has been a pic of Jabber since I joined Just call me the trend setter
  14. I posted this in Jebirds section, but I thought it's a nice entry for the diary so here goes Some vets seem to not deserve there status from the experience I've been having with mine. The full story of what they diagnosed etc i in this diary but if things turn out ok in the end I will post the whole story as I'll owe it to Jab to do so, but we'll see how things go. So far so good Ok update> I've been to see Jab and he's looking great, very bright and alert and he aint even been there 5 days yet so I'm very happy with his progress. He'll be in an aviary soon so he can get some company from some other OW's June has so exciting times for him indeed. He did still have a head scratch etc which was great to see and do. Onwads and upwards from now on hopefully
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