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  1. for that jem, how would i go about connecting my nest box camera to the computer?
  2. i bought a nest cam from eric, and i was wondering how i would go about streaming the output on the internet? I am sure some people here have done it. it was caligula i think
  3. man, i have missed a lot Thanks for all of your help and support
  4. I will take Some pictures whenever I next inspect the nest. That is great jem. Are you keeping the little one? Does he/she have a name??
  5. hi all, i have just popped in to say hi to everyone, and that i will probably be on the forums more in the next few weeks, as my greencheeks have laid again How is everyone doing?
  6. random may be random, but random is not randromonical
  7. if his head was bald, how could he have plucked it?
  8. was the plucked bied a mollucan too?
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