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  1. Hi, its been awhile since I've posted on here. Im looking for some help/advice please, a long story short, our 2.5 year old CAG Mojo has bitten me so much over the last year or so, that I haven't handled him at all; I have had the occasional head stroke. I try to read his body language and sometimes think I do quite well. The thing is that Im scared of getting bitten, as it really hurts(!) and I s'pose I do the one thing that I shouldn't, which is pull away and scream 'ouch' and get my husband to take him away; I know, all of this is reinforcing the negative behaviour. When I'm stroking his head and its taken all my confidence to do so, how do I not pull away from him when he moves towards me; again I know that he then gets scared as Im scared etc etc. Basically at the moment for me, he's a difficulty and not a pleasure, how do I turn things around?? Thanks Pebbles
  2. Hi, we have a 2.5 half year old CAG called Mojo, who is friendly and vocal, we are looking for someone who has experience who would be willing to look after him when we have the occasional weekend away. We've found a parrot hotel, but it can be a lengthy process sometimes arranging everything just for a couple of days break. We live in Burgess Hill and we are more than willing to look after your bird in exchange. Hopefully you're out there and we can start a long and fruitful relationship! Many thanks Pebbles
  3. thanks all for your advice - I think I'll buy them from the pet shop just to be on the safe side - never can be too careful
  4. Hi all, its been a while since I've been here. I was recently given some cuttle fish that a friend had got from the beach and she thought of me and Mojo; 1 yr old CAG. Are they okay to give to him as they've come from the beach, should I boil it or is it too much of a risk as it's come from an unknown source?? Your advice is much appreciated. Happy new year everyone!!!
  5. Hi all - we have a 9 month old CAG could Mojo, who both myself and my husband adore. He has recently; over the last 2-3 months, started to become aggressive...with me. To cut a long story short, I did work shifts, 24-7 and for various reasons stopped and now do 8-4 working one w/e in 4. Whilst working 24-7 I was obviously home at different times and was there for Mojo, now we are both out during the day and he's obviously on his own, but we leave him plenty of food, toys, leave the radio on and he is in the conservatory and can see out into the garden, when we get home he is out of his cage straight away and stays out until bedtime. When I am alone with him we can play and interact and he seems to be fine, then suddenly he will lunge at me and has given me some nasty nips occasionally drawing blood, when my husband is around he is favourite and can do no wrong. The other day all three of us were on the sofa watching tv, mojo was on my husbands leg and he was lying on me and I had my arm around him and then all of a sudden Mojo lunge at me again and grabbed my ring and nipped me. This is becoming a real problem because I am beginning to become reluctant to handle him and when I try I am hesitant and pull away when he puts his head down for me to stroke as I fear that he will nip me.....and it hurts! I know that this is bad as he picks up on this, I so want for us to get on, but don't know what to do. I know there are no quick fixes. My husband puts him to bed at night, so I'm not seen as the 'baddie', but even when I take his covers off in the morning; without Max(husband) around and go to take him out of his cage he still lunges. What am I doing wrong and how can we rectify the problem please???
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