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  1. Thank you everyone. It is obviously too late for Charlie for me to check the peanuts or buy human. My other parrots will NOT be eating peanuts. In fact, Ernie, the other Yellow Nape is back onto pellets only with fresh table food.
  2. The peanuts I am referring to were unshelled ones. His droppings were always much looser than my other Amazon but I think they gradually got looser. Thank you for the Vet referral. Those are all very far from where I live in North London. Thank you.
  3. My beloved Charlie, a yellow naped Amazon Parrot aged 26 was found dead at the bottom of his cage on Tuesday. I am gutted. He was the sweetest bird, he had an amazing sense of humour and he is sorely missed. Hindsight is always better and looking back I realise he was not very vocal the last week of his life. Being from America where Avian vets are easy to find, I did not deal with his loose stools over the past few years by taking him to a vet as I would have in the States. The only birds I have taken to Vets here have all died in their care. I remember a few years ago, reading that peanuts have potential toxins and aspergillis fungus. I seemed in my older age to forget this and with his last batch of food bought at Bosleys in Enfield, I bought a lot of peanuts to add to his seed. While he was on pellets as well, he really loved peanuts. I don't know the real cause of death but can only guess at this point. Having previously gone down the route of a bird necropsy, I did not want to do this again and so buried him in the back garden with his favourite toy. I threw the seed into the shed for feeding to squirrels and magpies. My other amazon, Ernie is in another room and seems fine. He does not eat too much seed or peanuts. He was raised on pellets. I will be watching him closely but Charlie had watery droppings for years, always much more so than Ernie. Just want to remind people to be careful of monkey nuts. Charlie said so much, I just wish he could have told us he was poorly.
  4. Thank you. I did send them an email earlier today, but I will call during business hours tomorrow. I sure hope between them and the jet set pets, someone can sell me a travel cage so I can apply for the export permit asap! Thanks to everyone who is trying to help me. :?
  5. Thank you so much!!! It didn't quite look like it would be approved for air travel. I was about to order the one on ebay, and glad I held off! The guidelines say there has to be a mesh floor above a removable waterproof tray. Even the IATA cat/dog transport conainers don't have this. I have a few emails out to a couple of recommendations from this site... and I would like to call a shipper here in the UK to see if I could buy just the crate.... UGH, why is this so hard???
  6. Thanks. I cant see which number is jetset pets for Gill on the attached page of BA world Cargo. Was it Airpets? :oops:
  7. I am doing it all myself. I gave up on finding a company that would/could do it for me from Seattle to London and now I have done almost all of the leg work myself. Yes, I have found that it is the shipping companies that make the container to ship the bird, but only make it for their own use. Hence my delima... :roll: birderinlondon
  8. Thank you. Did the carrier you purchased have a perch or will I have to put one in? Is it suitable size wise for a yellow naped amazon parrot? Would it collapse on him??? :shock: If anyone needs the FWS address, It is as follows: Division of Management Authority US Fish and Wildlife Service 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Room 700 Arlington, VA, 22203 USA 1800 358-2104 or 703-358-2104 If there is a will, there is a way! Glad to hear that your birdies are with friends!
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I had not thought of the implications of describing a cage that won't actually match the one I end up shipping the bird in. So, it is so much more important that I locate a suitable cage ASAP so that I may complete my application and send it off!!! HELP :x
  10. Carla, I too am looking for the same as you for my Yellow naped Amazon. Have you make any progress in your search??? Are you trying to get your bird from US or to US? Lets keep each other posted and if you have any questions, or answers, lets share them! I am trying to get my parrot from the US (Seattle) to the UK. I am in process of applying for US Fish and Wildlife and am stuck on the Cage/carrier question. I have the guidelines and wonder if I should just fake it and describe what they want. I am hoping to bring him here in November. Defra may issue me a draught to provide the US. When are you planning on transporting? Debi
  11. Thank you for all of your feedback. It has been most helpful. I have sent an email to the one that possibly has cages and yes, I would like the number of the one from Wales, who made a cage for one of you. I am so aware of all that is needed as I left my birds in the US almost 3 years ago and am applying to the US Fish and Wildlife now for a November travel date. I will be going to Seattle to accompany and I am crossing my fingers and praying that US Fish and Wildlife will grant at least ONE export permit. I have a little documentation (a letter from Ernie's vet stating he was a hand fed captive bred bird and that the pet shop is now out of business) but NO documentation on Charlie, whom I bought from a private ad and have lost name and address. I have previous travel permits within the US, and DNA testing (on Ennie). I have already contacted the vets necessary and quarentine is in the birds home in America, 30 days. So, If you want to try and get your Sun Conures here, they have lifted the bird flu restrictions and it might be possible! I could write a book about the process at this point but am stuck on my application due to lack of the IATA cage description. US Fish and Wildlife now take 90 days!!! Defra here may be issueing me a draght of the IMPORT permit to supply US F&WL. I will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks for the welcomes. I have posted earlier when my budgies and canaries were dying and well, £300 later, I have one remaining very healthy budgie. His name is Zippy. Never was able to figure out what was killing the birds, but was able to save Zippy. I have also just gotten a maroon bellied Conure, female and am trying to think of a good name for her. She is sitting with me as I type this. I am hoping to get her breeder info from the seller so that when I go back to America, I will be able to take her with me. That won't be for at least 7 years though.
  12. Hello all. I need some advice here. I am looking to purchase an IATA approved for airline international travel for my Yellow naped amazon. The IATA guidelines are stict and apparently people construct their own cages. I could buy a small dog plastic carrier with metal door and put in a perch, but really wondered if there are other options. On this International flight, the bird will be in the heated cargo hold (cannot travel under seat on BA airlines). I must supply the CITES US Fish and Wildlife Export liscence application with a description of my travel cage! Has anyone out there done this before with an Appendix 1 bird??? It is proving very difficult, but I am determined to give it a try as I really miss my Amazon parrots. thanks Debi :?
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