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  1. Hiya i live in smiths wood/kingshurst,i will keep an eye out for you.I hpoe you find him soon.
  2. yes ha ha have the mess,but i dont mind it one bit.they are worth it ha ha.
  3. Is it ok to put sawdust at the bottom of a cage for an african grey,pionus or a alexandrine?
  4. I believe Charlie is about 3 years old.I will keep my eye on them as they come through.
  5. Hiya,just a question really,what colour do african grey feathers grow through?After having charlie a few weeks after rescueing from him a horrible home,he was quite scruffy round his neck and he hadnt a lot of feathers.He has all his downy feathers and i can feel new spikes coming through.Just wondered if they came through white and then changed colour.
  6. Hes lovely isnt he?i have the same alexandrine but hes not as clever as him ha ha.
  7. Yes ha ha i wont be so smiley when a big blob lands on my hand.And i think im a lucky girl considering ive only had him 5 days.Will post some pics of him soon.
  8. Hes not doing it for my husband,just for me ha ha,arrh its so sweet.
  9. After having my charlie for nearly a week now,ive noticed that when i go up to him today he is regurgitating his food by me.Just little bits and they are dropping on the bottom of his cage.Is this a good or a bad side? Hes coming on fantasticly,he tend to talk when i go and hide outside the living room door,he can say loads of things and hes settling down brill.Im just glad i went back for him or god knows how he would be doing.
  10. Thankyou,hes settling in fine,he makes the strangest noises,hes saying hello and wateva.Hes also doing two types of phone ringing and beeps.He does this when i go out of the room though and is quieter when i go in there. i call him from outside the door and he whistles at me. i will keep giving him a good spray as hes wary of coming out at the moment.Just wanna give him a good bath.
  11. They wasnt his downy feathers.They were his wing feathers.In the tiny cage he came in i dont think he had room for spreading his wings.Have gave him a good spray but i dont think hes had one before as he diddnt really know what to expect.Hes really riffing though.All aroun his neck and under his wings.Do you think he has mites or is he just dusty?This mite be why he hasnt got a lot of feather round his neck.
  12. He is now in his new cage.He climbed to the top of his old one and i put my fingers out to let him step up and he did.He had a look at his new cage and now has gone in.He hasny yet tried to bite me or go for me.One thing though.He flapped his wings like he was gonna take of and ive counted 7 feathers that just fell out.I dont know why this is.Could it be a moult or could it be i dont think hes flapped his wings for ages because of the small cage they kept him in.
  13. The cage is up in the living room its huge he ill love it.I have left his old cage open but he wont venture near the top of it.We got home at 2 and the cage came at 3,its set up with food and water but he dont seem intrested,hes getting used to all the noises and he didnt even like the budgies noise.Hes settling down a bit though i think i will have to hold his old cage up to his new one.
  14. Hiya,just hoping for some info really.Me and my husband were looking for an african grey as we have wanted one for a while.We already have 2 parrots already and they are fantastic.We went and had a look at one that was advertised in our local paper,and when i seen him i knew i couldnt leave him there.He was in a cage that was totally too small for him and also he had a few feathers missing mainly around his neck and shoulders.The downy feathers are still there.He said his name was charlie and he was 3 years old and he had only had him 3 days.He said he bought him off a couple that were moving to wales.Charlie was very friendly and never went for me once.The man was asking 500 pounds for him knowing very well that he would need a new cage.We came away and i spoke to my husband,and we decided that if we could get him we would.We phoned him back and said that we wanted him,i just wouldnt have been able to sleep knowing he was there,he relented and said we could have him for 400 pounds.We bought him home and have gone out and bought him a big brand new cage and toys.Hes very friendly and is letting me tickle his head and stroke his beak,im just wondering if you could give me any advice how to put him in his new cage,i know greys dont really like change.The man said hes plucking because hes in such a small cage,so why didnt he move him.Im just glad i have him and he will be greatly looked after.Sorry bout the long post but i had to tell the story.If anyone could give me any help and advise it would be greatly appreciated.I dont even mind that im now 680 pounds out of pocket. i just want to give charlie a loving home.
  15. To be honest i dont know whether they are that common,you dont really hear much bout them on here.They both are lovely birds to own tho.
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