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  1. Well as you know I've got Archie my African grey , well we went to our fish shop to buy food for the fish We know the owner quite well and he told us he had a friend who had a 6 month old blue and gold macaw that due to personal reasons had to be rehomed. Hubby said no straight away lol but I managed to twist his arm due to the fact that it was my birthday that week and I'd always wanted a macaw!. So we went out for fish food and came home with a parrot
  2. Sorry for the replays sorry I haven't replied before but haven't been online. Ruby too I w planning on getting hubby to carry him lol
  3. Yes something like that was hoping for a uk seller
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a parrot Back pack big enough for a macaw thanx
  5. Hello every1 not a new member just not been around For some time. I still gave Archie - who will be 6 in march Where has that time gone lol. I was lucky enough this week to be given A five month old blue and gold macaw who we have called Hamish so u though I'd better get back on this site and brush Up on my parroting skills lol. Hamish is very friendly and Already says hello and seems to of taken quite a shine to me Much to the annoyance of the kids lol. Well thts enough about me For now it's nice to see there's still some old faces here and lots of new 1s lol
  6. Think it's a hatch certificate he was supposed to Post it 2 me - just thought it would be nice if I could still get 1 as il have 1 for the macaw lol
  7. Hi everyone long time no see I still have Archie And have just been given a 5 month old macaw Which had jogged my memory that I never Received Archie's papers when I bought him From a breeder off of this site 6 yrs ago- my question Is how would I go about getting papers for him As I cnt find the breeder on here now thanx
  8. archie does it too perhaps its their equivilant to us singing in the bath
  9. sorry to hear your news will keep everything crossed that all goes ok for you
  10. i have sent and recieved mine thankoooo santa =D>
  11. im great ta he is soooo good he is making me want another 1 lol
  12. well here he is. believe it or not thats a new born snow suit he has on and it swamps him - so much for him being a huge baby lol
  13. well i finally had alexzander at 9 am on sunday morning which went down really well as it was st Andrews day lol he weighed 8lb 4 oz i will post pics soon at moment he is starting to jaundice so panicking a bit cause william ended up in hospital on a drip for two days
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