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  1. I have been told this only effects the US and not the UK????
  2. Just to add to fannyanns quote "many breeders are unfortunately left with birds from the "dark ages" I have one pair of greys which will only rear their young until 4 weeks, this is because their previous owner pulled them for hand rearing at 4 weeks. Some people may say well everyone could say that but on my part and other good breeders i have tryed many different ways of trying to get them to parent rear such as increasing the parents food intake gradually on chicks hatching as to encourage them to think food is plentiful i"ll keep feeding my babies or at 3and a half weeks suddenly double the feed available etc, but to no avail. Also just to add to the other "hot" subject on the forum at the moment i for one do not feel at ease on the forum one reason why i dont post that often, i believe myself to be a good breeder who has been keeping birds since i was 11 years old (now 28years old) and has the birds welfare at num 1! Luke
  3. Hi, try Trevor Heptinstal at the vale veterinary in tiverton, he has been very good with my birds in the past. Cheers Luke
  4. I ve thought about doing the winnower thing, but always been worryed about contamination of the seed and feeding it back to the birds etc?? How do users get round that? only do it once or twice then throw away?
  5. Hi all, After some advise please! Does anyone breed galahs and have results on times that incubation took from going in the incubator to hatching, am abit confused as have read that it can be 22-30 days and have a fertile galah egg in my incubator which is 2 weeks old and not to sure when to stop turning and to increase humidity(currently 37.4C and 36% humidity) Any help would be great! Thanks Luke
  6. Well this is something that gets my goat going, as a breeder i prefer to see my birds with the wind through their feathers and the sun on their backs and to do what birds are ment to do and fly!! I have 2 pairs of greys that when i bought them they had been kept in a cube cage for approx 8 years at least, they are now kept in a indoor cube having an 10' by 4' aviary attached it took them months to finally explore the aviary but when they did you could see how much happier they are!
  7. Have taken out her box for 6 months before and had her nesting on the bottom of her cage (trying to!) for 6 months.
  8. Thanks for the replys. The vet gave me no further treatment for her, did wonder wether to give her some calcvit(normally has it twice a week out of breeding season) ?? The thing fitted to her vent is to hold it all in possibly called a suecher?? dissolves away after a time i was told, but if she trys to lay an egg in the next couple of days it will be back to square one as she can pass droppings but nothing the size of an egg!! Have taken her into the house in a quiet room keeping it at about 21 degrees c. Any ideas on how to stop an eclectus laying! i havent found away yet!! :?
  9. Hi, any help would be very much appreciated, went up to the aviarys this morning and noticed my grand hen had something sticking out of her vent, then realised it was a prolapse. Took her straight to the vets where he put the prolapse back in said he could find no egg and fitted a thing (sorry dont know the correct name) to her vent to stop her prolapsing again. Has anybody any knowledge of what to expect now? i used to keep afew chickens years ago and lost the odd hen to prolapses and am worried that she will not make it. thanks Luke
  10. http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s221/devonluke_photos/ er think thats it?
  11. Will try and take some decent pics of size etc tomorrow...thanks
  12. Hi, looking for some help on the sub species of two eclectus males i have.The female is a grand eclectus which iam 99% sure but the males i cant seem to decide which they are , i have been on numerous websites trying to find more info but still not much help, was wondering if there were any experts on this subject around ?? any help would be very much appreciated. thanks luke
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