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  1. I appreciate all the advice so please dont worry. I have a good relationship with our Avian vet so I will definitely ask him advice too
  2. Thanks, we would love to keep him but if hes not as happy as he should be then we have to do the right thing for him. I really dont want to do this but i dont know what else we can do Not sure on fostering, I would have to ask them to contact us if they felt they couldnt have him any longer and hope that they would...
  3. Thanks Roz, just wondering is it best to see if the vet is aware of anyone who is looking for a CAG before we advertise on here? x
  4. We have come to the devasting decision that it might be best to look for a forever home for Mackie our CAG. We have had him for 7 years and he means the world to us but he just does not seem as happy as he was or should be Since Jimmie died we have had 2 children and just cannot give him the time or attention he seems to need. I really think he needs to be somewhere with another bird, getting another parrot is not an option for us. He gets out of his cage daily, has lots of toys and im at home all day but i just cant give him any more 1:1 attention. He's starting to show signs of some attention seeking behaviour too so we think that although it will break our hearts we should be looking for someone who can love Mackie as much as us but give him the attention he needs Hes going for his well bird check the week after next and I was going to ask the vet for advice but how do we find him the right home? Thanks x
  5. Ps Golden Valley were outstanding before
  6. I called them and the increase was due to a claim that we made last year for jimmie our cag who had to be put to sleep exotic direct want £130 for Mackie although no claims have been made for him so no option really but to go with them.
  7. They have been taken over, I'm going to call them tomorrow, in meantime I'm trying to find out if there are any alternatives.
  8. Our son is 20 months and we have a stair gate between the lounge and dining room (all open plan). This meant that he and Mackie can see each other but keeps him away from the cage. As he started walking we have told him that he shouldnt touch mackies cage and this has worked up to now...if he does touch the cage he is told off. Mackie hasnt ever flown down to see Hamish hes more interested in watching from a "safe" distance. Hamish has put his fingers in the cage and Mackie nipped him, since then he hasnt done it. Not sure if this helps but wanted to share our experience.
  9. Its ridiculous Are there any other insurers??
  10. Hi All, Quick question, just received our renewal from Golden Valley and the price has jumped up, they have quoted us £170 for Mackie for the year, last year we paid £140 for 2 CAGS (sadly we had to get Jimmie put to sleep last July). I feel that this is ridiculous and know that they have been taken over but wondered if anyone could recommend any other insurers? I really rated golden valley but this is just too much Thanks Clare
  11. Move has been delayed for a few weeks so won't be going just yet :s thanks for all help and advice
  12. Thanks everyone, it is calmac (my hubby works for them). I'm gonna give them a call later
  13. His travel cage is quite big, I wondered if something smaller would be better...the ferry allows dogs on deck but they have to stay in the designated dog areas. Im gonna call the ferry company & speak to them. We are moving to the isle of Lewis chickens are coming too!
  14. Hi All, Looking for some advice...we are moving house in the next few weeks and it's a 5 hour drive then a 3 hour ferry crossing. Obviously Mackie is travelling with us and I wondered if anyone had any tips or advice to offer? I want to make sure he is as comfortable as possible as it's a long trip. I'm thinking about putting him in his travel cage but would a smaller box be better? I'm also worried about leaving him in the car on the ferry as the car deck is totally enclosed. The weather will be quite cold as well. Is it worth a call to the ferry company to see if we could take him on board Appreciate any advice. Thanks Clare
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