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  1. Wow, is that really your Grandson June?! His good!!! No actually his more than good, his great!
  2. Happy Belated Birthday Max!!!! I 4th the nice eyes comments :wink: Keep safe and well- you're doing us proud xx
  3. Those pics are amazing! Reminded me of the time when we were flying out to america and U2 Beautiful Day came on the stereo- Still gives me shivers thinking about it!!!
  4. Awww Thank you's xxxxx I had a fab day thank you's and ate faaaaaaarrrrr too much cake which carried on for a week afterwards :oops:
  5. Yo Granny! How they doing? Any pics yet??? I want to see them!!!
  6. Thank you all- She had a fab day and was spoilt rotten :roll: We now officially have more toys than Toys-r-Us :shock: I'll post some pics in a bit xx
  7. Forgot to say that although you might think it, I am not one of the clever ones
  8. :shock: You mean the lot on here :shock: Clever :shock: Haha I guess they are :roll: :mrgreen: A hammer?
  9. The quality of those pics is AWESOME :shock: I want one too- Doubt santa will bring me one though
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