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  1. Dont know what to say i am horrified
  2. So glad you have taken the bungalow it sounded perfect for you and your fearhered friends, good luck and i will phone you soon. Ann
  3. I have a few pairs of greys, but one pair always covers the eggs when leaving the box and they are always ok, i would definately stop looking in the box when she is laying them as this disturbs them and could be causing your problem. good luck
  4. The surgery is called Raddenstile Vet tel 01395 264747 they have 2 avian vets there cant remember the other ones name, i did see him once with a baby grey and wasnt impressed with him, but i know a few people that have seen chris and they all said he was excellent. MMM i will always make you a coffee if you ever have to come to visit the vet
  5. i had to visit an avian vet recently with an african grey that had hurt her leg and went to chris ridge at raddenstile vet in exmouth, he was very confident with her (she is only semi tame) and knew exactly what he was talking about, so i would recommend him highly for anyone in this area
  6. Hi Gary, i would have left them i know it is heartbreaking to loose them but if she has never had the chance she is never going to learn. People who keep taking eggs away to encourage more egg laying are going to end up with egg bound unhealthy parents, and perhaps unhealthy chicks. Have a little bit of confidence in yourself if you can do one from 10days you can do a little one, the one that died on you might have had a birth defect and died anyway. Im not sure where you are but i am in exmouth devon if you need any help. Good luck
  7. Hi Leslie, I would get koko to the vet as soon as possible, i also know of a grey that lost its voice and it turned out to be quite a poorly parrot, but he was fine after treatment, good luck. Ann
  8. Keep her nice and warm and in a darkish place as shock can be worse than the injury sometimes. Good luck i hope all is well with her today.
  9. Hi, i would think they are probably going to breed, i would not bother to put heating in as long as they have a sheltered area, my greys have not heating in the winter and are fine
  10. Most of my grey eggs dont hatch until 31 days, my greys are all on camera and i find with all of them they start to leave them a bit about 2 days before hatching, i was told the let the eggs cool to stimulate hatching, so i would leave them well alone and wait and see what happens. If you keep looking they will leave them anyway.
  11. Thank-you Mike, i will contact neil and see what he thinks, but after speaking to a few people i will probably leave her be.
  12. Thank-you stormbird, i had never thought of having it done before the programme, but she is a breeding bird and i would have liked to improve the quality of her life, but saying that she is happy and i suppose she has got used to it.
  13. Hello, has anyone had a cataract op done on a parrot i have a cape with a cataract eye, she seems quite happy and has lived with it for a while and after seeing a recent program with the op, i would like to get it done. Could anyone recommend an avian vet and possibly know the cost (i do know it would be very exspensive). Thank-you
  14. Hi quakerman, i breed jardines and think they are wonderful, i used to breed senegals and they are no noiser, mine breed all year round and dont seem to be seasonal like the senegals, jardines also dont start shouting early like most parrots and retire to bed early, i would reccomend jardines to anyone.
  15. Hello i dont know much but i know galahs are prone to plucking when stressed and on a bad diet, just make sure the diet you put them on is low fat and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. I hope they improve you sound like you really care about you parrots. Good luck
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