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  1. Male is at least 14, female 8 (info when we rehomed them), as fae as we know they have always been together, they were bought from a pet store
  2. Not usually, but he did this afternoon most likely because he was being ignored.
  3. I know this topic comes up a lot, but now I too am almost at my wits end and need some help please! About 2 months ago we rehomed 2 ow amazons, one male and one female. The problem is the very noisy male who has bonded closely with my wife, the female is quite nervous, both of us have been careful not to let her be overshadowed by the more confident bird and have put in a lot of effort encouraging her. Ben, the male bird, without encouragement appears to be getting more and more clingy and screetchy when we are in the house but not in sight, particularly my wife. We tried doing a simple whistle back to him as recommended on another thread and not going back into the room, but we felt this seemed to encourage him to keep on screaming back and 6 weeks on there doesn't seem to be any less screetching. He does seem to want my wife there all the time and even just now he kept on when she was in the room eating lunch but ignoring him. I guess it purely seems to be attention seeking, we are at a loss to get any consistent change, the screaming is ear piercingly high pitched.
  4. Sorry, am being really dim, Flyer, you are still looking for yours aren't you, its Jason who got his back, maybe I should just go back to bed bfore I get even more mixed up. Oops.
  5. Thanks for your kind message, am so pleased that you got yours back, sadly ours has been missing for 6 weeks today, didn't get any response at all from our ad in the local paper this week either. Will go wandering the streets again today just in case, you never know...
  6. Thanks for that Debs, we've got another advert going out in the local paper this week, hope we get some news from there.
  7. We're still looking for our African Grey, Oscar, who went missing from Ashtead in Surrey almost 4 weeks ago, we've just received a couple of calls re sightings in Sutton (about 10 miles away), I will check it out in case it is Oscar, but thought I'd put details on here in case it isn't. On John Heywood's register one has gone missing in Sutton recently, which makes me think it wont be ours, but you never know. Anyway, the parrot was seen in trees in Mulgrave Road, opposite the station the other day. Then seen on trees opposite QuikFit in Throwley Way (parralel to High St) back on 14.9.6.
  8. Just to let people know about the African Grey which David Williams says has been settled in a neighbours tree/hedge for almost 3 weeks now. We went to see him yesterday (we're still looking for our African Grey Oscar, one sighting of a grey last week within a mile of where ours went missing, but nothing since). The one in the tree/hedge obviously isn't ours, but we were keen to try and get him down as he is most likely someones' lost pet (didn't really get a good view of a ring). David Williams has put up loads of posters in the area but no one has come forward. The grey did not say any words at all, just quite a lot of wolf whistling, observing us all the time we were there. As he's more in the middle of a hedge it's too dense to reach him. We left a lot of food for him. David says he will keep trying to coax him down. Any suggestions anyone???
  9. That upsets me so much, ebay allowing the selling of parrots, we are still looking for our missing African Grey (Oscar, who went missing from Ashtead in Surrey 3 weeks ago today) and apart from still hoping and looking, I have been checking on ebay regularly just in case someone has him and is trying to sell him on. I was recently told that a woman whose dog was stolen, actually found it on ebay because someone else was selling him. Did anyone notice where the Greys were being sold from?
  10. Just to let you all know that we have still not been able to find Oscar, its just over 2 weeks now. We're still looking and hoping though.....
  11. Just to let you all know that we have still not been able to find Oscar, its just over 2 weeks now. We're still looking and hoping though.....
  12. Our African Grey, Oscar, sadly escaped from Ashtead in Surrey on Saturday 9th September. He is ringed, quite chatty and enjoys a tune or two. He is sorely missed. Please help.
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