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  1. hiya thanks for your replies. they have has alot of new stuff recently so i will begin with looking/removing that. I dont use any harse cleaning chemicals, just water on the cage and a bit of washing powder in the water that the floor is washed with. And i never use air fresheners or fly sprays. I will post a picture of their faces so you can see and one of their room so you can tell me any ideas. if it does not get any better then they will be off to the vets but if its just an irritation then i would have to find out what is causing it any way. x
  2. Hiya I have two B&G macaws, both are hand tame pets and live indoors. I have noticed that my girl especially has red puffyness around her eyes, nosterels and on the inside of her feet. I thought it may have been sunburn as i had put them outside for a while but it has not gone. My male has slight redness in the same areas but not as bad at my female. Would you have any idea what it could be or how I fix it? Many thanks
  3. No i'm not going to be taking Charlie to the NPS unless it is to see the avian vet there as they offer quite a few services. I cant imagine he would be allowed to come into contact with any of their residents due to the above worries. Thanks for taking the time to reply - I have a lot of reading to do! Just one more silly question - i have never been advised of Macaws needing innoculations but does anyone know differently? Peep xx
  4. I hav'nt made my mind up about clipping and to be honest its a really difficult decision. I would have to say i disagree with doing it and i dont know if i could go through with it. But my situation is that i am so worried about one of my kids leaving one of the doors open and me not realising (which has happened before) and i'm really worried that its only a matter of time before he gets out. The holiday is just adding to the worry but its more so when were at home. I really do hate the thought of having Charlie clipped but i also hate the thought of him trying to fend for himself if he was to suceed in getting out. I want to take Charlie out with me as much as possible but i dont want to loose him. I'm very responsible with him and understand that even if he was clipped it would not eliminate all the risk and he would still wear his harness. I was told that if he was older then his chest/breast muscles would have developed enough to cope with the clipping which is why i have never entertained having him done before now. Is this not right? God this is not an easy decision!! Where can i find sticky's threads? I'll have a read!
  5. I have Charlie a 15 month B&G and he is about to go on his forst holiday with us and i'm very nervous!! He is harness trained and has been out with me on several occasions but nothing like this and i was wondering if anyone else takes their birds away? If so any advice would be welcomed. Were going in our caravan for only 2-3 days but i'm so worried he'll fly away. Were probably going to visit the parrot sanctuary and was wonderig if i shall have him clipped while i'm there or is he still too young?? Please help Peep xx
  6. Hi, I dont want to but in but do Macaws also regergitate when shown affection? and if so why? as my Charlie does it and also bobs his head often as if trying. Peep xx
  7. I'm so sorry its taken me so long to update you. We phoned the vet on the evening and she told us to give him some pain relief which got him through the night comfortably. We arrived at the vets and she looked at his back??? Got round to looking at his belly and said "he has a hole and infection and well need to keep him in on an antibiotic drip, give him some tranqilizers, shave him, clean the open wound and give him a course of antibiotics". It all sounded reasonable from across the room where i was standing as his fur is so thick and dense that i just thought i had missed something but really couldnt see how as i had checked him throughly. To my amazement my OH pointed out that the hole she was looking at was in fach his sheath. She didnt understand as there was a language barrier from us to her?? She then said it was all going to be very expensive, anyway i told her that they were not keeping him in and i would take him home and shave and clean the infected hole, as i knew that there was'nt one as we had checked him out so throughly the previous night. So i left with Bo and my OH stayed to pay the bill. I'm fourious £13 consultation fee - 2 mins work but ok with that £100 for 13 tablets - OMG how much for a wound that he does not have, i wish i had of stayed as i would have told her to get stuffed. I had seen his skin was slightly red when i checked it but the amount of discomfort he was in i was sure it could not possibly be just that, that was causing him so much pain. but he is obviously just very sensitive to pain as when i shaved Bo's stomach he has a chapped belly. He had weed on his fur causing the skin to be moist although the fur looked dry and it has caused a chapped 3" long line. Just a bit red and sore, no infection and certainly no hole. Now he has been shaved he has no more pain and its clearing up. I have a lot of time for vets as i have spent my life working along side them and they have earned my respect for the work they do. But on this occasion this vet could not tell an infected hole in a body from a willy sheath or was it a case of getting lots of money for no work? I'm just so happy i had the courage to say no to her as if i had'nt have been she would have had me over for at least £500 for a chapped belly! Its really comforting to know there is nothing wrong with BO as i was so worried about internal damage etc but this vet has left a really bad taste in my mouth. So really good news for us that Bo is fine. Thank you for all your advice, i was worried sick. peep
  8. Hiya all, I was wondering if anyone could advice me on what to do to make my dog a little more comfortable until i can get him to the vets tomorrow. I have a Samoyed that lives outside with his companion. Yesterday he kept barking and seemed to be panting alot. He is usually noisey and i did'nt hink much of it. My OH had checked him over for any obvious signs of injury or places of pain with a negative result. Today however he really appears to be uncomfortable and is still barking. When he lays down he yelps/barks and turns to his belly/willy area, so i think this is what is causing the pain. I have had a good look at him and his intimate parts but there is nothing externally that would be causing him such discomfort. I am not asking for any diagnosis on him as i will be taking him to the vets tomorrow but any ideas would be welcome as to give me an idea of what could be wrong with him as i'm now worried. Also is there anything i could give him to ease the pain? I know paracetamol is dangerous but was just wondering if the was anything else i could buy tonight. Sorry for the ramble Peep xx
  9. Sorry i haven't replied to this in the last couple of days as i have cancelled my subscription to all my previously watched threads but came on today for a ganda. Net --- Thanks for your response, i really thought i was one my own with this one even though members have used the same argument to mine in other threads. Mue-b I realised that you could not help as your miles away from me, i thought 45+ and from your website you don't breed Pat Conures. Thanks for taking a look anyway. To All involved in this thread. We have had a large difference of opinions in this thread and i have taken a bashing and was going to leave this site to never return. But i joined for a reason and that was to find myself a life time companion and provide the level of care for him that would enable me to keep him fit, healthy, happy and safe forever. I do not feel comfortable posting on here at the mo but i still want to achieve the above, even more now as i have my companion, Charlie and he is deserving of me having all the important information, advice and like minded people around that i can. With this in mind i hope i can still ask for your advice, guidance and wisdom to enable me to achieve my goal. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!! Peep
  10. I agree Fugly is paramount in all of this and can i say that he was not sold to the first home offered but the BEST home offered. I agree that people are passionate but this does not give then the right to be offensive. I have been offended by some of the personal remarks made on this forum as they are not acceptable. As for people having a different point of view to my own, i accept this and am big enough to be able to agree to dissagree. My decision has been based on experiance dealing with both people and animals and it was to get the best result possible. Happy christmas
  11. I found this post by Keedo on 21st nov 06 --- If i was ever to rehome Banzai (dont worry its not an option Razz ), to be perfectly honest i would expect any potential owner to pay an approximation of what a seegal of his age with cage/stand etc is worth.(of course he's priceless to me). I would see that as some guarantee that they understand the cost and very nature of owning a parrot. It would also provide some reasurance that he will not be rehomed again when the novelty wears off. As well as obviously keeping him out of the hands of scammers, looking to turn a profit. Whilst its not bulletproof some reassurance is better than none. The only way i would part with him other then this would be if i were to give him to someone i trusted to either give him a forever home or do the best for him. For me that would probably entail him going back to his breeder Mue.B . When i collected Banzai someone had come back with a pair of sun conures as their situation had changed. In my opinion the internet and forums are such a "faceless" medium that i believe you would be mad to rehome a bird for free or really cheaply, unless you were 100% sure of the person. On this forum MMM or showgirl are the first names that come to my head as they have a great reputation. As other people have already said there are so many greys and even amazons in papers, for sale for £300-500 that the options are there for people that want to go down that road. I personally find it a bit of a cheek that people are after a free bird. If you want something enough over time you can save for it. Also the cost of keeping a parrot is quite high, so if you can afford to keep one properly than you can afford to pay for one. Why is it that people can say one thing then change their argument to suit - just because they want to have a go? Does it matter that he was a found bird???if so why????as he deserves the same as a bird that has been bought and been a part of my family!! Nobody has even had the thought to ask why i believe Fugly should go to a different home asap. My cats are big simease cats. The female gets on with Fugly but the male is a hunter. Charlie is much too big to take on and it is my concern that Fugly is not capable of surviving an attack by Cola. Are you telling me that i should keep Fugly when it may not be safe to do so, just out of principle??? even if this means risking his life? I did not go looking to rescue, did not put myself forward straight away to take him on. It was only when it was clear that no one else would/could that i did. And at no point did i not believe that i would not find the owner. Their are other reasons why fugly should not stay with us, all are valid and just reinforce the fact that a "forever" home should be found asap. It is my understanding taht it is not fair for Fugly to bond with me/us and then to move him on in a few months time. As for the owner i have made it easy for them to locate Fugly as i have covered all areas and while i simpathise with them if they did loose Fugly and not just let him go because they had had enough. I can not jeopidise his safety for them. The local orchard is not the one in question as i know the owners well as well as all the occupants. As i said this is a tiny village in a rural location where everyone knows everyone else. _________________ Mess with the bull, you get the horns!
  12. Fugly has been lost and in the local orchard since June this year. The orchard owners brought him to me and it was at this time that i posted him as found. After that amount of time the dates are irrelevant. Even with this i have kept him until i believe my time is up. I will not keep him any longer as i strongly believe it is not in his best interest for the reasons stated above. I know that it would not matter what i say anymore, your out for a cat fight and nothing i say will make any difference. It makes no difference that the bird is alive, healthy, enjoying his life in a warm house with great food and comfort and has probably been saved from certain death. Has hopefully been found a great home that will continue to give him the care and dedication that this bird deserves. All this while his owner was being searched for. Maybe you should all look at yourselves as it appears to me that small mindedness has clouded your judgement and the fact that you consider yourselves to be parrot lovers concerns me. My objective was to find the best home available and get a suitable audiance for my advert. Their has never been any deceit or underhandedness. I have had a large outlay for this bird to enable me to house him in the form of a cage, parrot stand, suitable toys and food. Even with this if i was to make any money out of this bird then it will go towards new warmer beds for my dogs who were rescued, or the ongoing vetinary bills for my terminaly ill cat that was rescued in sept of this year or the other animals in my home that have been rescued. Fugly will be collected by his delighted prospective new owners on 27th of Dec. As far as im concerned this link/forum is then obselete.
  13. Stephie, I posted a reply to this thread yestersday an i quote : Hi all No owner has been found and i have decided that the time has come to find Fugly a "forever" home. I have posted an advert on preloved for those who are interested. I have put his pic in my photobucket also. Remember, Fugly is not just for christmas but forever!!! Happy christmas I openly informed all parrot link users that i was actively looking for a new home for Fugly and the reasons why. As you can see i did not say he was for sale and i did not say i was asking for £175. I did not have anyone interested in this thread or anyone offer to rehome him. Infact it was not until someone read the preloved ad, which incidently i got the link for from this forum, and began to have a go at me. I did put him in the for sale section as this is where the ad needed to be on pre loved but again did not say a price, i asked for offers and it was only that i had so much interest that i put a price on it to exclude the not so good from the good. I will not spend any more of my time replying to posts on this thread. I am happy that i have done the right thing all along. I believe i have found the right home for Fugly. Fugly will not be leaving me until the end of the month as you are right about the transfer of right of ownership to me at the 28 days point as this is what has been arranged with his perspective new owners.
  14. Madmudmob, Firstly i thank you for your curtious reply and I understand your opinion and concerns. I have of course informed all persons who have contacted me about the full history of Fugly, including his prospective new owner. He had to leave his Conure behind when he left his country a few months ago and has been searching for one since. I only have a short time to meet any perspective new owner so i am never going to be 100% certain that they will look after Fugly as well as I. However i do know that his perspective new owner is willing to drive many hours for Fugly and has not hesitated at the price. This makes me more confident that this person is more appreciative of what he wants and shows the effort he is willing to put in to getting it. It may not be everyones way of dealing when rehoming any animal but it gives me the confidence to rehome instead of keeping an animal which may not be the best thing for it. I did not open this link to justify myself or my actions. I opened it to try and find an owner who must have been heart broken at the loss of a beautiful bird and reunite them. I believed this was the right thing to do. I have rehomed many animals, all of which have been at a major expense to me so i could take them away from the abuse they suffered, especially "Sky", one of my dogs who was beaten repeatedly and neglected by her owners. I paid a lot of money for her to get her away from this abuse after the RSPCA refused to help her. I have been involved in animals and the care of them all my life and you will see that all the animals that currently live with me are all rescue, with the exception of Charlie, all have been bought, not given and all at a much higher price then their monetry worth. This was done as i was in a position to give them the best "forever" homes they could wish for and their happiness is worth more then the money we paid.
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