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  1. Welcome i used to live in leicester which area do you live in ? I live in sunny south wales now with my feathered family lol
  2. he is now home he is starving and we have a long cuddle and he is pigging out now
  3. thanks everyone and i want to thank everyone was looking for him and the people who offered me good wishes also thanks to the people who found for being honest and returning him
  4. aberfan about 3 miles from me thanks everyone for sticking by me
  5. someone has just contacted me saying that they had found a parrot yesterday about three miles from my house sounds promising
  6. thankyou havent heard him at all this evening he has moved on i will try and get a pic up my computer is playing up though
  7. it was terrible i tried to explain he would not come down while they were there i hope he is ok
  8. i am in the mountain ash area aberdare i have just been calling him for an hour but he didnt answer back like he was doing i hope he is ok
  9. :cry: i lost my parrot yesterday i did find him again half amile from my home i was calling for him to come down a tree a 30 foot one he was going to come to me but then aload of people came and thought it was funny and he was scared i had to leave him in the end has it was pitch black i went to the same place today at 5 oclock this morning and he was still there a train spoked him and he flew off please if you live in the south wales area can you please keep your eyes and ears peeled for a found bird thanks my daughter is distraught and so am i god knows what his partner is feeling
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