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  1. Fantastic at mimicking sounds from power drills to whistling theme tunes. Mine barely speak but copy most noises.
  2. Great piccers Sue, he looks up to mischief to me!
  3. Oops sorry Lyn, that was me that caused that. I was looking for an aviator harness and w6eva recommended I contact you. Anyway in the evening Brooke then supplied exactly what I was after, so as LAM suggested I deleted the PM which hadn't been sent yet, as I didn't want to bother you. Sorry for causing the confusion!
  4. ewwww lol - Taz is 2 slow and snaps at them but 5 minutes too late, then looks quite embarassed and pretends he never tried to get it in the first place.
  5. Awesome pics Laura. So how do you attach the aviator to this doggy leash? The aviator has maybe 2-3 ft of elastic cord certainly not enough for Taz. It has a handle on the end which goes around your wrist, is this what you loop the dog leash through or do you attach it to the actual harness? I would be afraid of the loop coming undone - maybe I'm just paranoid? I'm easily confused but the webbing and non-webbing dog leashes which one is more elastic? It's been a very long time since I've had a dog. If this type of thing works with your birds I'm more than willing to give it a shot, anything to save spending more ridiculous money. The dumbell idea is great Noora, may try that!
  6. ROFL... thanks for making that a little clearer Sharon. My harness is down the side of the chair purely because if I get it out Taz goes mad and waddles towards the front door, like saying "walkies to a dog" the amount of hassle you get! He's bin sitting on the step ladder in the garage while I've been out sorting some stuff, weather has been awful here as well such a shame.
  7. Detects a hint of sarcasm...... You mean they don't boil all their leads in an apothecarium and they don't sparkle when they come out the packet??? (quivering lip).
  8. Boycie is a good name but I am partial to Trigger but we will see - (the dude) rofl!!! Lovin it! Thank you everyone for your input!
  9. never thort about that Brooke - I haven't even seen the flight line physically but saw it demoed on the DvD it actually looked nothing more than that, but something specifically crafted for the equipment you're already using gives me that little bit more confidence. I'd feel a bit uneasy that this much loved seagull was flying above an beyond on Fido's leash..... but open to suggestions
  10. still very expensive, thanks for the links. These guys are having a laugh: http://www.24parrot.com/The-Aviator-Flight-Line-P83970/
  11. Well after months of waiting a bugging suppliers until I am blue in the face the Aviator flight line is finally here! For those that don't know it's exactly what it says it is an allows the bird to fly a longer distance unrestricted as an addon part to the Aviator parrot harness...... So with shear excitement I log on to find that this thing happens to be £40.... YES 40 quid!!!! Now what the hell?? I am not paying 40 quid for a bit of elastic.... what are they thinking? Despite my long wait and Taz's urge to fly rings round me how can they justify that? The parrot Uni prices direct aren't much better along with ebay - I really am gobsmacked that this line is dearer than the awesomely crafted harness itself. I'm sure a lot of time and effort has gone in to maintain the bird safety but still the load of jargon sales pitch says it all, you're getting charged the earth for a bit of string! http://www.theparrotuniversity.com/flightline.php There I've had my rant now, pathetic launch prices, they will be forced to lower the price if everyone refuses to buy it.
  12. Can I send my sprouts to you? I hate em! Great pic, he's loving it (crazy bird).
  13. oh lord now things are getting hard I like Chester and Denzil toooo! Denzil rofl - actually I can't picture me calling that name around the house but it would be funny. Vogue I would but can parrots pronounce "Vee" :D - I don't think Whirlpool or Hydrotherapy would go down too well either.
  14. I didn't have to Sharron but since a few ppl including myself didn't understand the tongue in cheek joke I thought I would clarify in relation to the other thread seeing as they are now linked on more than one occasion in this very thread. I like Napoleon actually, please more ideas much appreciated! I was puzzling over: Cesar, Trigger Trigger only because I love only fools and horses and Taz already says "hello marlene" so was gunna teach the B+G to say "alrite dave".... yeah my stupid sense of humour........... and if you're not an only fools fan - I'm not mad honest!!!! Hey Jem
  15. lol oh dear it would seem I've missed out on a lot..... I have no clue what you're on about, and that bathing thread looks like it will take me an hour to read, so if there's something bad in it I just wanted to point out - photo was taken by breeder so not sure which camera Edit: Ok, seeing as everything has to be turned into a debate, I've just snuck a quick look at the vid which admittedly does not give a good impression of birds and sinks, but an amazon and baby blue and gold are a lot different in size, this lil fella just about fits in the sink and is bigger than your average small dog, the breeder is an absolute gent and knows what he's doing. Personally I think getting bird's used to water in this way from an early age is a great way to get them used to a shower which Taz absolutely adores. Unfortunately his breeder used a spray bottle both for telling him off and "trying" to clean him so he is petrified of spray thus I can only support the shower and sink methods but most certainly shouldn't be used for tiny baby birds. Referring back to the photo, there's about an inch and half of water in the sink, no tap running - although I haven't read all of that other thread both situations seem pretty different to me. Thanks for every ones compliments on the bird.... still puzzling over names - open to suggestions? What does he look like? name wise?
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