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  1. Hi Peter, Please share with us what kind of parrot you have etc... we'd love to know. I have an 11mth old CAG (Congo African Grey) and a 4yr old Senegal...
  2. As Above.... hitting a bird in any way or form is a BIG NO NO... The best way is not to be nipped or bitten in the first place... but if you are unfortunate enough to get a bite... try not to scream or shout as this reinforces the negative behaviour, go back in a few minutes and try again. Your parrot may just not be in the mood.. as with us... we dont always want attention forced apon us... Good Luck
  3. I'm sure the FULL MOON as alot to do with CAGs and most other animals behavoiur including 'humans' and the saying 'lunatic' (LUNAR) comes from!!! I have noticed a difference with my 'Merlin' CAG. when it's almost a full moon!! anyone else noticed this comments welcome!!
  4. Ive read that Parrots are immune to the human cold/flu virus.. I'll try to find some more info and get back to you... x just found this http://experts.about.com/q/Birds-General-2349/Colds.htm
  5. I bought my 12wk African Grey from Hamers in March 06. I went to put a deposit on it one month earlier as the babies not ready! When I went to collect my baby on a saturday morning there was one other guy collecting his baby grey too. The lady I dealt with(not Chris who runs the shop but the breeder who had brought the babies from her home that morning!) she said that they would probably benefit from another week of hand feeding? I'd never done this before but she was excellent in showing me and making sure I did it correctly. She said it would help the bonding process. I saw other parrots, yes, mainly amazons but 6 or 7 where sat on a large playstand in the front of the shop, very happy! and the ones I saw in the back room seemed ok and where nearly all saying 'hello' very amusing! I did NOT smell anything unpleasant! I was not as someone previously stated when he bought a baby grey forced to buy a cage! I had a good look at my baby and the other two from the same clutch! and they where all in very good condition and NO wings clipped! I came home very happy and with the lady who breeds them's phone number to call her if I needed advice, which I called only once and she was very helpful. I dont think we should put a witch-hunt together. My baby grey is now 11 mths old and is fabulous....
  6. welcome. been a member since Sept and got lots of advice. We have a CAG which is 11mtns and a litttle monkey. just started to talk and say 'hello' ... we have a senegal too but does not talk... a big hello from 'Merlin'(CAG) & Charlie(Sennie)
  7. Cheers Claire.. Thats put my mind at rest... I was begining to think my CAG (Merlin) was thinking he was a Senegal as he joined my house old from 12wks old. Thanks for the advice I do understand the accentuating the voice etc... let the fun now commence... x
  8. Never gave Pumpkin a thought, but was thinking of buying one for Halloween so will keep you posted if we do. I personally feel the method of baking the seeds sounds less messy so will be trying this recipe for my 11mth old CAG and 4yr old Senegal.
  9. Hi gang, could anyone please tell me the age that an CAG should talk. My CAG shares our living room with my very screechy!! Senegal. My 11mth old CAG copies the senegals screehes like you wouldnt believe!! well, maybe you would, lol. but does anyone know if this will distract my CAG from learing to talk. I must add he does say 'hello' and 'byebye' and grumble as though trying to say somthing.. anyone with advice or similar experience please leave a message.. in anticipation... x b[align=left][/align][align=left][/align][align=left][/align][align=left][/align]
  10. Your location : BLACKBURN - LANCASHIRE What type of bird/s you may or may not be willing to accept : MACAWS-AFRICAN GREYS/TIMNEHS-COCKATOOS. (PREFER PARROTLIKES AND NOT SMALL BIRDS I.E. BUDGIES /COCKATIELS) What equipment needs you have PLEASE BRING YOUR BIRD IN OWN CAGE, FAVOURITE FOOD ETC How long you can look after a bird : ANY DURATION Do you have an avian vet within a reasonable travelling distance that you would be willing to take a bird to : 30 MINS AWAY BY CAR Would the bird share a room with other birds : YES WITH MY 11mth old CAG AND 4yr old SENEGAL How you can be contacted : 07772608281 or brian_gaz@yahoo.co.uk Any other information - eg do you offer a professional service or would there be a charge etc : NO CHARGE JUST A SITTING SERVICE THAT YOU CAN TRUST YOUR BIRDS TO WHILST YOU ENJOY A WELL EARNED HOLIDAY.
  11. Thanks Beverley. never said that Charlie, my Senegal as never talked but is cuddly tame too! I'm sure Merlin will talk as I said before he is attempting to say words like 'bye bye' 'hello' 'and what sounds like 'what ya doin' ! x
  12. Another couple of questions guys... Merlin also shares the living room with 'Charlie' my Senegal that I've had for 3 years. Charlie didnt bat an eyelid at the newcomer and have noticed when visiting pet stores that parrots dont appear to notice each other a great deal. Merlin I might add as picked up the sometimes ear piercing whisltes and squeaks that 'Charlie' makes. I hope Merlin does'nt think he's a Senegal. He's beginning to 'talk' but you have to listen hard to make the 'words' out. Does anyone know if also having another bird in the room with stop or delay him talking. I have read (feels like it) most pages etc on CAGs and that they tend not to 'talk' till approx 12mths... anyone agree and make me feel at ease that he will talk like a trouper at Christmas? Still love him even if he doesnt!.. Looked at all your pic's. Pidgee is well cute as a baby! Love the Java tree. but as you probs know a lot a patience is needed to persuade our CAGs to stay on em! without flying off to attempt to explore the living room. Merlin love landing on the coffee table... move the coasters and candles!!!
  13. Thanks for your replies guys. Merlin is situated in the living room next to the sofa. He can see the television from his cage or the stand/tree (boutght at Stafford on 8th Oct, wooden one with tray numerous perches stepping up to the T bar/feeders at each end) He's got the 'Skyliner' Cage which previously had a Macaw in it! I try to ignore the behaviour most of the time. Tried hanging toys in the places but he just moves them! little sod...
  14. I have a ten month old CAG who is cuddly tame. He comes out of his cage a couple of times a day. He as a very large cage and also a large parrot stand. Whislt in his cage he is going to the corners of the cage and 'twanging' the bars causing the coating to come off, I'm fairly confident this is not poisonous to him but the 'twanging' is quite a 'pain' whilst your trying to watch television. Anyone with suggestions as to why he is doing this would be greatly appreitated. I think is could be an 'attention' thing as I do the naughty thing of rewarding this behaviour by offering to coax him to a perch and offer him a neck and head tickle!! Thanks. Any advice to stop or distract this 'twanging' of the cage bars would be great. Thanks.
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