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  1. Hi thanks for the help Marion and June. Very helpful in the phone after 11.30 at night!! I have managed to treat her wound with F10 last night and this morning before leaving for work. I have Ordered some of the antisceptic spray and ointment this morning on next day delivery.................. Fingers crossed. Will keep you updated
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. I have some f10 here. Will give her a call tomorrow. You sure she won't mind ? It does not look infected to be honest.
  3. Can't attach picture so will put it on my photo bucket now
  4. Around 10 days ago my African grey fell from her perch and cut her chest. I didn't notice the cut for approximately 2 days as it was covered by her chest feathers. It's almost like a slice out of her chest...... Its healed slightly but her has now started poking at it, and pulled a few Of her feathers. I'm asking what you guys think can be done even if I took her the vets. Will attach a picture
  5. hi all, thanks for all of your comments............jake seems to have slowed down a bit today but has had a little go on his chest, to be honest he is not looking good, im about to post some new pics on photobucket, the ones of him climbing my curtains was monday afternoon, and the ones of him plucked are on monday night, however he looks alot worse now. I am also going to add some pics of some of the other animals I have been working with lately.
  6. hi, thanks jebirds for your advice, been back to the vets twice today with him. It appears that above his oil gland where he has plucked completeley bald along with mos of his back there is some bruising. He did have a heavy fall during the middle of the night saturday. The only thing we can think is that he has been in pain and plucked out the area. They gave me septrin 0.9ml 2 daily orally and 0.3 of metacam once daily. We brought him home this morning and by 5pm we were back at the vets with him as he has now plucked the top of his 2 wings and part of his chest. They gave him a sedative injection and advised me to keep him in the pet carrier overnight in the quiet and to see how he is in the morning. At present he his quiet and seems quite relaxed and calm......
  7. me to, and for the zero advice i just got they tried to charge me £76 emergency call out and 29.50 consultation!!! which i obviously refused to pay. I have taken him from the cage and put him into a small paet carrier for the rest of the night and covered him over, in an attempt to try and stop him plucking. In all the years i have kept and worked with parrots I have never seen this before. It's very distressing to watch
  8. Hi Over the last 5 or 6 hours my Scarlet Macaw Jake has for no obvious reason plucked all his feathers under his wings and back. He has never done this before. I made an appointment to the emergency out of hours vet in Cardiff (mark evans') place. Only to be told that the vet didnt know as he wasn't an avian vet!!! I need to make an appointment first thing. However as i tpe this he his continung to pull his feathers. He is 4 years old now. Any ideas??
  9. our bluefronted amazon seems to sip most of his food ino his water aswell!
  10. We dont really do exhibitions to be honest, well we are looking at flying the macaws at some of our talks in the near future. We need to make sure that they are bang on when calling them back etc and to be honest indy can be a bit naughty. We do alot of educational shows in schools and youth clubs which have been a big sucess. At some weekends we visit shows such as the greenbelt festival, balloon shows, agricultural shows where we don't do a show or talk as such but set up a display with a range of animals and give advice on them etc we also do this to raise money as it costs quite alot to keep all of the animals we have at our sanctuary. It works fairly well as we have 2 x herpatologists and parrot enthusiasts and a few volunteers. What we do do is childrens birthday parties which work very very well and at a resonale price ( wait for all the people on here to give me hassle now) where we try and educate the child on the rain forest etc etc whilst letting them hold snakes, spiders, meercats, skunks blah blah blah.
  11. hi i haved added a short clip of rags and Indy having a quick fly in the park, however my mates camera broke so had to use a mobile phone which is why its pretty doo doo. Im sure when we go out next we will get some better shots.
  12. yeah u could say is was a bit scary, we only ever did one at a time though!
  13. we do fly birds of prey aswell, but thats different to flying the parrots. With birds of prey its all about the birds weight and diet etc etc. As for the parrots its just something we have done over the months. They are used to being ouside with us most of the day. We did use clickers and treats and generally got them to just fly from or arms to a stand a few foot away, i gotta be fair it is pretty scary. We have had a few mishaps mind! but nothing to serious its an amazing sight to see them flying, and they really enjoy it as the one greenwing is really vocal when he is flying. we are just about to try and fly a moluccan cockatoo.
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