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  1. hi again , i have not been here since eider passed away back in february ,but it's been so quiet and a feeling of something missing here without a parrot in the house.so good news is new baby cag coming within the week,feels like im back now.
  2. hello, i dont need to say how important it is to have good insurance cover ,but to anyone new or looking to change can i recommend golden valley.I know peoples experiances a different ,but in one week they have settled my claim for eider and they included a very nice letter of sympathy and posted the vet's money to them. There was no fuss or problem at all so if you are looking check them out. http://www.goldenvalleyinsurance.co.uk
  3. i just want to thank you for the help and support you gave when eider passed away and to say thoughts and preyers are with you and for phoebe
  4. hi dont know if im in the topic for this but a quick question .Is it legal for a vet to withold forwarding my insurance claim for eider ,until i have paid the bill for whatever they did to him.
  5. originally eider was named after the then chelsea footballer, till realised it was spelt wrong and he was named after the duck instead but it seemed to suit better
  6. hi, feel a lttile bit more composed now and have read all your kind messages,from the first day Eider arrived into my family there has been someone from this 'parroty family' with help and guidance and now your support is so appreciated thank you all.
  7. thx abez and roz ,i just didn't realize until now how much more than just a pet he was ,
  8. thank you for all your support, but at 3 pm this afternoon i had a call from the vet saying sadly eider died from heart failiure while under anesthetic.He was just over 1 yr old,just a baby our baby and now gone in literally a heartbeat.It's going to be so empty here now ,no more wolf-whistles,hello's and i guess im going to have to eat my toast crusts now. thank you all for all the help and support you have given in this short space of time
  9. thx, it's still running through my head now ,and looking at a empty cage dosen't help either
  10. hi, having trouble sleeping. this evening let eider (cag) out for a for a last flap before bed all was fine .he has a ladder which goes from the floor up to the door of his cage, he merrily flies round the room lands on ladder next thing ladder is falling and eider's leg is trapped under it ,it happened so fast noone could get there to catch him or stop it in time,result was he couldn't use his right leg so rushed him off to emergency vet who said he's pretty sure it's a break...as this was now around 8.45 pm he's kept him there going to give him a painkiller and x-ray and we have to ring after 10.00am to find out whats happening,question is are we talking major surgery and and would i expect him to make a 100% recovery
  11. the number in the link is not reconised i'll keep trying the other one
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