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  1. Hi all After what seem like a million years im finally back. Been so busy not sure if any of u remember me....But Im Jo married to Jase kids, Josh Katie & Sophie....... African grey molly .....Felix the cat....tyson the staffie who sadly had to be put to sleep in oct this yr age 13 1/2 :cry: We did have cookey the crimson rosella too but he also passed away early this year I am now working full time have been there 1 yr now and love it to bits. So glad to be back that will teach me to forget my username and password :oops: Hope to speak to u all soon xx
  2. We have a few snow showers...I did get excited at one stage for it to last 10 mins and then go
  3. I told them on Monday when I went to collect her that the home check had not been done.... They told me not to worry as they had been very busy. I get the impression its the same sort of place where you worked Gwydhyel they are so desperate to rehome they let them to go to anyone. Yes the rehoming fee is not refundable thats why they gave me a credit note but to be honest I doubt very much i will be going back there unless serious changes are made. But thanks to all for your kind words you really have made me feel better about the situation. I am now going out tonight to cheer myself up.....to a "ladies night" :wink: :wink:
  4. My thoughts are with you Steve and you go and enjoy Germany {{Hugs}}
  5. Thanks Ash as you say if not assesed correctly these poor dogs end up being yoyo dogs and I hate to say it but unless they assess Dee correctly then I think she will end up being one. Which is such a shame. And yes HM I do think I might be having a talk with the manager of this home in a few days. I do hope they can learn something from my experience but saying that for them not to even bother with a home check then I doubt very much they will learn anything at all.
  6. Awww thank you so much HM. Words can't describe how I'm feeling today but i know in my heart i have made the right desicion. The dog's home had her down as being suitable for a family with small children and also other dogs. This was NOT the case as we found out. We wanted another dog to join the family as Tyson is 11 now and we know he won't be us forever we thought we would give a rescue dog a chance but didnt realise this home does Not assess these dog's properly before rehoming. We were ment to have a home check which was never carried out. the more I think about it the more annoyed i am. This problem proberly would not have occured if they had done what they should have done. But thanks again HM you have made me feel alot better about my desicion.
  7. I also have it as my ring tone. Its also constantly playing at high volume on my car stereo and ipod
  8. Well I will probably be slated now but I had to take her back to the kennels today... No I have not swapped her, they have given me a credit note but i will not be using it for quite a while if i do. We had nothing but aggression off her yday and then last night she went for Tyson and it took all Jases strength to get her away from him. If he hadnt have got her in the kitchen I think she would have killed him. Yday afternoon my sons godfather popped round with easter eggs for the kids and Dee made it perfectly clear she didn't like him she was growling at him so much I had to put her outside until he went as i really thought she was going to bite him. I had to make the heart wrenching desision this morning to take her back as it really wasn't going to work out with us. It broke my heart to leave her there. I don't know how I drove home as I cried all the way home. But I have my other pets and the kids to think about. They have assured me they will not rehome her with any other dogs, and I hope she finds a nice family to live with it's just a shame it wasn't with us
  9. Good luck. As jase is a driving instructor he would advise to have lessons off a qualified instructor and top up with you taking her out as well. that way she should pass her test alot quicker....
  10. Was it under any circumstances such as feeding / toys / you was fussing her and not Tyson or vice versa.....? Your right though it is early days, and they may just be sorting out the pecking order.... The fisrt time they were just in the kitchen together but the second time I was fussing both of them i had one either side of me. The problem seems to be getting worse this morning now. Everytime she sees tyson she is now growling. really not sure what to do about the situation now. i have spoke to the kennels who said I can take her back and swap her, But I really don't want to push her from pillar to post.
  11. Thanks everyone. Well we had a good night with her (apart from her emptying the contents of the bin all over the kitchen floor lol). We kept her and Tyson seperate as she went for him a couple of times yday. Its early days so we will have to see how it goes. Yes Net she does have a tail, its quite a long one as well. Hurts your legs when she wags it and whips you
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