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  1. my friend paid 5000 last year hope that helps
  2. theres an avian vet in morpeth robson and prescot mr prescot is their avian vet always been great with my birds
  3. joanne22

    ann lumb

    although not feathered she was as good as ann was my best friend and had ben breeding parrots for many years its with great sadness that im posting this ann passed away suddenly on the 14th of october at 1pm i know she was well known in the parrot world and thought it fitting that i let everyone who knew her know whats happened i will miss you ann R.I.P sleep tight
  4. i really need to contact him asap anyone got any contact details for him its urgent
  5. no longer for sale gonna sneak him in after a couple of weeks my mams gonna take him till then
  6. hi there as some of you might remember im having serious neighbours from hell issues as such i cant take living here any more so have been allocated new build at the beginning of 2010 but they dont take larger dogs so it has been a gut renching decision to part with my pride and joy my bullies lola has gone to her great new forever home so its just poor louie IM SORRY MODS IF THIS IS NOT ALLOWED BUT WOULD RATHER HIM GO TO SOMEONE ON ONE OF MY FORUMS SO I AN KEEP INTOUCH IF THIS IS NOT ALLOWED PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REMOVE IT i have put up with 7 years of **** from this family and just cant take it any longer does anyone know of anyone interested in him im from newcastle upon tyne heres the link to epupz http://www.epupz.co.uk/clas/viewdetails.asp?view=277725 can arrange to meet half way if distance is a problem although not tooooooo far
  7. hi there is quite a good avian vet in morpeth robson and prescott on staithes lane i have used them a couple of times and found mr prescott to be very nice good luck
  8. rachel is soooo annoying shes acting like a child since rex said she was disney she really grates on me at least mikey stands up to people in there so either mikey or sara for me
  9. i hope everything goes ok will be keeping everything crossed
  10. any news on these 2 yet hope all is well
  11. this is gonna make you laugh well i phone the police to ask for a crime number to be told there isnt one theres a ref number the officers have said they will try and find this man and RETURN his mail 8O 8O what the f@ck this is disgusting
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