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  1. Thanks for that, just done a quote and its pretty dear isn't it, actually more than i pay for home contants insurance lol there was a cheaper quote of £5 per month but didnt include vet fees, the cheapest price that inc vet fees was £15 per month. i also think for a gc they may be making more money than they need to for this bird, when i put my gc's details in he was only listed under large parrot, i tried small bird at first but i was suprised the gc wasn't in that section, i really wouldn't say a gc should be classed as a large bird? i only say that because if the insurance was for a small bird im assuming it would be a little cheaper? James
  2. Hi, has anyone here got theirgc conure insured? and if so which company have you gone with and what are the prices, does it also include check ups etc.. Many thanks for any advice in advance. James
  3. Hi, i am wanting to replace the coop cups in my montana san diego cage (full size cage) I have bought a couple now that i thought looked the correct size, one was slightly small and just popped through the bottom of the holder and one was slightly big lol If i just order some from an online site, does anyone know what size would be the correct size to buy for this cage? Thanks James
  4. Hi, I have a greencheek conure, currently i have a Montana San Diego Cage which measures H: 160cm W: 85cm D: 48cm Obviously this cage is very good for him, the problem is we have to downsize him cage a bit as its just become far too big. I am wanting a cage thats a big smaller but not too small as i still want to give him a decent amount of space. Can anyone recommend a cage they think would be good for him? Thanks James
  5. I was looking at trying my gc conure on pellets as he has always ate seed, i was looking at the zupreem ones, there is 2 that say that are for small conures, the parrot one and the cockatiel one, they both looks a little different but both say they are for my type of bird as they are smaller pellets. can anyone tell me which is the better out of the two for my conure? and when i do get one am i best just doing half seed and half pellets? thanks james
  6. thanks for the info and thanks for the link ria, i found it very hard finidng anywhere on google that had it, did you just know about that site or did you find it through a google search yourself? as i needed some seed fast i just orded him some Tidymix Parrot Diet - 3Kg - High Quality Seed Blend for £12.99 from northern parrots, from the price it should be a better mix than my usual one, will see how this goes and if it seems good i may stick with it, if not i may try your link i have always wondered about giving him pellets, is it really the more recommended for them and which do you usually go for and is it a lot more expensive? james
  7. Hi, I would like some advice quick if anyone can help, i have always fed my green cheek conure avian specific as45 seed, he seems to enjoy it so have kept him on it, unfortunately i can no longer buy it anywhere. i used to get it from dietec but they don't list it on the site now (not sure when they stopped) and i found another site called ckcbirds that listed it, i bought some the other day from them but i have just had a refund email with no explanation, i am assuming they either don't have stock or don't sell it themselves anymore? if i can't get that one i would like some ideas of a replacement seed which is similar / better, i need to order one soonish as well as he is near the end of his current one  Should i be looking for one that’s specifically for small parrots / conures? as45 was advertised as for small parrots and conures. Thanks James
  8. Well he is on a seeded diet, daily he will have: avian specific as45 for conures as his seed grapes daily as well as sprout and cabbage leaves walnuts dried banana his water gets changed daily, i would think his pots get cleaned maybe weekly.
  9. sorry this isnt the nicest of topics i was just wondering about my gc conure's poop, it always seems to be very watery and it kinda shoots out rather than just dropping out, not sure if thats ok or not? as far as i can remember it used to just pretty much drop out and had more consistancy to it. he does eat a lot of fruit, veg and nuts, not sure if his diet is making it this way, could it be? if it is his diet then thats fine i dont want to change his diet if its good for him, i just hoped it can be normal? james
  10. This will sound a silly question for someone who has had a green cheek conure for 6 years but i have always been nervous about holding him properly with a towel, he’s generally very good and follows me about, he’s never a struggle to get back in his cage, so i have never really had to towel him or keep him held for any real reason. the only time he ever has a struggle is the time when he goes the vets (only 3 times up to now), the initial getting him into his carry cage always proves a challenge and i am ages trying to get him to stay still so i can get him in. When i take him the vets he always towel’s him and he seems to do it with no struggle at all, my problem is i haven't really ever tried to towel him, only using my hands and i always worry if i am holding him to tight etc and i end up always letting him struggle free which isn’t fair on him because it would be less of an ordeal for him if i could just quickly towel him, the vet had him back in his carry cage within 5 seconds using this method, it took me about 20 mins the last time trying to get him in. The vet always showed me how to help my bird with his pin feathers on his head, and how to rub them so they will flake away, this obviously also needs me to be able to towel him. I know the basics that they breathe through their chests and need it to be free at all times, i have read their neck is very strong and you can hold that firmly? Any tips would be welcome as i really want to be able to do this properly and i feel i should know for his sake more than anything so things aren't such an ordeal for him. Thanks James
  11. Hi, I have a GCC who is about 5 and a half, tonight i have just noticed that the white ring around both eyes looks a tad pink in places and not all its usual bright white. the ring isnt all pink by any means just a little in a small area on both sides and the rest looks normal white. I don't know what this could mean or if it doesn't mean anything at all. he could have even got colouring off something although i wouldn't think so giving whats in his cage. Can anyone advice me though if its anything i should be worried about, or if i should look out for anything else? thanks James
  12. I think i am probably worrying about nothing as i think its just the situation when i see the poop and makes it look like worms but thought id ask anyway. I have a gc conure, he's 5 years old, when he poops in general i never really notice anything odd, he has a big water bowl in his cage which he drinks / baths in, its like a dog bowl. from time to time he poops in this and my mum always says he looks like he's got worms when he does poop in it, a lot of the time my mums cleaned the bowl and gave him new water when he does this so i have only seem it a few times, but when i have, i guess it kinda does look a little like worms, but i was guessing that with the poop being in water the urine would just wash away leaving just the poop and that probably just looks a bit like what my mum thinks is worms. am i right or could he have, would there be any other signs that he could have worms apart from inspecting his poop? as i said when he poops normaly (not in his bowl) i never think oh it looks like worms, it just looks normal. james
  13. thank you for all the replies, sounds like i should be fine with just taking him, glad to put my mindd at rest though
  14. hope this isnt a stupis question, i have down sized the cage i use to transport my gc conure, the carry cage he had was like a proper cage only a little smaller, the vet always used to think it was his actual cage lol his main one is a montana san diego. anyway due to the carry cage being a bit bulky i got a much smaller one, but this one probablt wont have as much room for a water or feeding bowl. i didnt take much notice to whether he used to eat / drink when being transported before. when he goes the vets the journey doesn't usually last longer than about 1 - 2 hours, will he be fine in that time without anything to eat or drink? im kinda guessing it would be ok, when the breeder broughtmy bird to me, it was just in a cardboard box the was only a little bigger than him. james
  15. thanks, i am hoping it will be ok, i read somewhere that the 10oz ones seem to be the 4" ones, so im just hoping thats right. lol if not then i havn't spent too much anyway.
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