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  1. nuts in there shells, a toy and food all in one - if his beak isnt strong enough to crack some of the harder ones yet just crack them a little yourself to start with tescos have all there xmas nuts in now, some like brazils are on special and are hard to get during the year.
  2. Jasper smells of baby powder, whereas ruby often smells of butterscotch??
  3. i tried net but cant come up with anything
  4. any tips please the ash berries are ready in the graden and although i feed them fresh if i'm not quick enough the garden birds strip the trees so i thought i might have a go at drying some - i've bought them dried before but i could do with some advuce please
  5. Ruby knows when its thursday - she has a bath in her water bowl not on any other day - we thought it was coincidence at first but its been over a year now usually in the mornings :?
  6. they dont play so much these days as theyre not allowed in the garden since they went fly about and gave us a fright. indoors it usually ends up in a fight and a flat ball - not a lot different from the lot on telly really
  7. lemon juice - the cheap stuff in a squeegee bottle works quite well
  8. scrap the curtains if you can do without the ones near the cages/stands - have replaced mine three times - i'm going to try a blind in the recess next time but dont hold out much hope :roll: b&g good choice i think - our jasper has is moments but is a lovely boy enjoy your baby!
  9. smashing photos - wish jasper would wash, but he does let us spray him if hes in the mood
  10. just seen this glad youve come out the other end although my ruby is younger nearly three she is jealous to the point that she will sometimes (not all the time) attack me if i'm giving someone else(human or jasper ) more attention than she thinks i should. Its the only time she actualy screems at top pitch. Its fine if she wants to go to hubby for a cuddle, but will leave him in an instant if jasper comes to me. I do think they all have individual personalities and the rewards out way theyre cranky little ways.
  11. Lidl have mixed nuts in shells 500grm bag 49p - the chap said he thinks they may stock them all year round
  12. sounds normal going by my two - usually depends on what they had for tea the night before - rubys is always more licquid she does dunk everything in her water so i put it down to that
  13. The flying gets better day by day - Ruby's 2 1/2 now and she has just got cornering from one room to another through doorways down to a fine art, she sort of hovers in mid air while deciding whose head to land on - you should see the dust fly those wings realy kick out a lot of wind. she still runs across the floor if she cant judge a clear sweep - Jasper dosen't fly anywhere even though he can now, he lacks confidence and is easily spooked when ruby flies over his head to land. beautiful colours on Tango - very apt name
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