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  1. www.manorvets.co.uk 373 Hagley Road Edgbaston Birmingham B17 8DL Tel: 0121 429 2829 I can highly recommend these vets. Marie and Toby are both fantastic and know what they are on about. All of the staff are very understanding, caring and will offer as much support as needed..
  2. I wont go into full details of this, but, I would just like to thank Marie from Manor vets, for saving my babies live.. Marie, I owe you so much and I really cant thankyou enough for what you have done so far, for both Jinx and myself.. Also a big thankyou to to the receptionists who where angels on thursday, when I was just a sobbing wreck. Thankyou ladies x I would not hesitate in recommending this vet enough.. Once again thankyou Marie ... Jinx xx
  3. Sue, sorry for the pm I sent you.. I know see what you are getting at.. I have the Rob Harvey one and also a small JML globe thing.. They do work and cut down the dust alot... So very very sorry to read that you arent well hun, my thoughts are with you and all the rest of you that are suffering this at the moment.....
  4. Glad you found that an interesting post Peter.. To answer your question about how long it would take, I am not 100% sure, my vet had told me with Baby, that we should see some improvement in a week, but with her it never happened.. I have heard about the hammock idea as well, it could be possible but the issues then with such a small bird would be placing seed and water where they could reach it, but again nothing is impossible.. Hayley, is there any update on this one yet??? Please keep us informed hun..
  5. I bought the dyson animal a cpl of years ago when they first came out, cost me over £240 and I used it for about a month.. Its too heavy, the brush gets blocked up cos of a stupid bit of black rubber.. I now have Hetty and I love it.. Lighter than the dyson..
  6. Hi Hayley, just looking at your picture, doesnt look good hun, sorry. If you take the baby to the vets then all he will do is put a wad of cotton wool between babies legs and then tape them up. This wont last long as 'Baby' proved and she got it off in a matter of hours. The sponge is a good idea and will stay put for a little longer. However, you are going to have to finish this bird by handrearing. I will try and explain this simply lol... Get a makeup sponge, cut it to a size that is slightly bigger than the gap between babies legs, if they where normal, make two slits in the sponge and put babies legs in the slits. If needs be put some tape around this, something like micropore tape, just to tighten things up a little. This seems a little barbaric and might be a little uncomfortable for baby, but it needs to be done. Now you need to find something to basically stand baby in.. This has to be tight enough to hold the babies legs in the right place. Things get a little awkward now, because baby wont want to be in there, but she is going to need to stay put to try and get the legs back to somewhere near to where they should be. I think I used an egg cup for Baby.. I think thats about it hun, I cant think of anything else I can put right now. If you need some more help then please shout and I will do my best to try and help you out.. Good luck hun
  7. Does imping require going under anethestic?
  8. I had a mouse problem in the shed where I had my senegals housed. I bought the high pitched buzzy things, yeap waste of money. Bought traps, the little sods managed to nick off with the traps.. Gave up, bought the birds indoors, which ruined any chance of them breeding again and the mice have gone away for a while. I know I will have the same problem next year as I live backing onto the canal..
  9. If they are a PSUK registered breeder, you will be able to find out from the Parrot Society...
  10. So sorry to read about the lose of Babe.. Fly free over rainbow bridge Babe xx
  11. Net, yes it was Wendy's Sol.. I remember the day Mandy and I went down to collect this little man. Sol and Lisa where really a pair to be reckoned with.. Fly free over rainbow bridge little man xx
  12. Ahh its not the shop I was thinking about.. Sorry Kerry..
  13. If this is the shop I am thinking of, do they still have the 'pair' of citron cockatoo's there?
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