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  1. Have just come back from Mulberry - fantastic, efficient and knowledgable. Would not hesitate to recommend!
  2. all done this weekend - vet asked us to leave the room saying it was better that way. She bled a little more than expected but took it all very well. Have to say what a great vet he is - Mulberry in Sudbury, Suffolk. He really knew his stuff, was fantastic with her and really put me at ease. Thanks all for the support - feel so much better now it's done! oh and he checked out her beak and says all is normal there too! so lots of peace of mind!
  3. thanks guys! I am taking him to my mum's vet (well not her vet but you know what I mean!) in Suffolk. I've taken Genghis there before and he is really good with her. Just had a horrible experience with a local vet (London) and don't want to go back there!
  4. is it going to hurt her? I am probably being really silly but am SO worried about it and that it is the right decision!
  5. Getting Genghis micro chipped tomorrow and feeling a bit nervous about it. Vet assured me it doesn't hurt but he uses a bit of gas - is that normal? Is there anything I should be worried about?
  6. Morning all I know parrots beaks are organic and constantly growing but since day one Genghis has loved having her beak scratched and it it often flakes off while you scratch it and she seems to enjoy us doing that. There is no crack in her actual beak - and other than looking a bit of a mess - she seems fine - but I don't know how "normal" this is - she has never had a completely smooth beak. Can anyone advice?
  7. ok - am on a mission - book due to arrive in the next day or so and am really excited. She is so super friendly and tame it will be good to have something to work on together - though boyfriends idea to teach her to put the kettle on for us in the morning might have to wait!
  8. Well I've just ordered the book (and it reminded me to get my Dad's birthday present while I was on there - so 2 birds and one stone!) What sort of things could you reasonably expect a senegal to pick up - just so I can get an idea of expectations?
  9. Happy Friday all Coming from a home of dog lovers I know animals can love learning new tricks and things to do. I've also been somewhat wowed by some of the clips of "performing" pets on You Tube. This got me thinking about my Senegal - she's nearly two and doted on - whilst I would never want to force her to "perform" - do parrots, like dogs, enjoy learning new things - anyone got any ideas and if so some tips for what I could teach her if she does enjoy it?
  10. Brilliant thanks - know its stupid but felt a bit funny giving her chicken - but will give it a try with confidence now
  11. Much to my disgust I found my boyfriend sharing his bacon sandwich with our Senegal this weekend - and me a vegetarian! but it got us talking about meat and her diet. I've seen posts about letting them have prawns with scrambled eggs but where do we stand with meat? After a heated coverstation I thought I'd ask you guys ...
  12. Thanks Have taken note of the spacing and going to cruise across the suppliers. The flat top thing - exactly what I was thinking - she tends to stay near the top so a "thin" but tall cage seems a bit of a waste of space for her - I want something quite long so she can be more Tarzan like!
  13. Hi all Wanted a bit of advice - I'm thinking about getting Genghis a new cage. What advice would you all give for a Senagal cage? She spends a fair amount of time in there and at the moment has an arch top (not sure if that is the technical term!) cage which seems to waste a lot of space as you can hang things down but you have to have everything in the middle - wasting the side areas. I'm thinking something with a flat top and a bit more depth than her current one so we can create more "areas" for her. I've seen lots on the internet but there's so many options!
  14. Will be great to hear what you get back if you don't mind posting it. I've spent hours on the govt. sites and couldn't get clarification! And thanks for asking about SVS - I didn't know either!
  15. Thank you - just wanted to make sure as it would make life so much better if we could take her with us! I'll check with some ferry companies and see what they advice. No immediate plans but always good to know you can make a quick get away!
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