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  1. I leave the grid in because it stop the birds walking about in their own faeces when they go to the bottom of the cage I wouldnt like it would you? Hope it helps Gary
  2. We have seen Shanlung`s amazing videos on utube amazing!
  3. Thanks every one Ill have to raid the penny jar again
  4. My dog Shadow wont eat anything that I havent touched and given him myself so wont vote because I would use both and do care what he eats
  5. Yup I know that What about Blue Crowned Conures any personal experience of them?
  6. Yours is so cute! I can`t wait for mine! Counting the days
  7. Erm? David wrote. MADMUDMOB wrote Maybe we read this differently? But When I read it David is talking about UK breeders and comparing them exactly to other cultures. He is saying this in the negative domain. I am all for freedom of opinion and speech as you well know and David has a right to his opionion just as we all do. I would never censor that! I never get worried or upset over a computer forum
  8. Yes MMM I agree completly As you say as long as the personal insults, name calling, mud slinging, and general nastiness, already stated on this thread ends. I feel it unfair for a forum that offers handrearing in the main index of the site to call someone who offers that service a "nest robber" :? Also what about all the handrearing breeders who pay to be on this site? Are they all nest robbers too? What about people who buy handreared birds? Are they receiving stolen goods :? Just how does this look to any new members :? Regards Gary
  9. Anyone know anything about Blue Crowned Conures? Like wether they get on with Red Masked Conures? Just been offered one as a friend for my Bertie. Thanks in advance Gary
  10. Hi, Al I couldnt agree more
  11. Iv had a brilliant idea Why dont we all leave eachother alone to handrear or parentrear as we each see fit? Both sides are right for the simple reason that if everyone handrears there wont be any birds left to breed from :cry: But if they are all parentreared there wont be any cuddly tame babies for people to buy :cry: This has been going on since people started to keep birds and wont ever be sorted out I have handreared parrots and I have parentreared parrots, I love them all the same So what is the problem? Each to their own I think Warmest of regards to all Gary
  12. Peace Lurrve and Healthy Parroty Happiness to all GARY
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