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  1. iam so pleased with how well he is getting on, i am going to send some pics to his old mum so she can see he is ok sam xx
  2. sam24


    i would say money :? sam xx
  3. have just seen this thread lol so good evening !!(not gone yet but if i forget good night)!!!! sam xx
  4. well he is in his new cage and seems happy as larry, he has stopped making the banging noise with his beak so i think he must be less frustrated (and it doesnt smell bad in his new cage) he is also letting nigel tickle him which is great as he is meant to be a man hater!!!!! have some new picks in my photobucket. Sam xx
  5. they are great pics, i tried to get sam flying but my camara was too slow, i have a new one now so i will have to try again
  6. sam24

    Sad news

    sorry to hear that, big hugs to you xxxxxxxx
  7. lol thats fab he looks very happy!!! sam xx
  8. hello and welcome sam xx
  9. ok it may sound a bit of a random q but the forum is green then when i log in it goes back to the old look??? sam
  10. hi, he looks so cute. good luck you must be well chuffed sam xx
  11. he is 42 i managed to get him to lift one foot onto my finger just now but he bottled it so i think i have given him plenty of chances to see me off if thats his intentions
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