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  1. hi all someone in my area has lost thier lutino cockatiel, 7 years old friendly, will answer to a whistle, lost in northfield birmingham. please contact me if you know anythink
  2. hi thanks kerry unfortuatly the birds havnt been seen in over a week so hopefully someone has taken them in isnt woth thinking about the other option
  3. hi all ive had a phone call today about 2 birds been sighted in handsworth area of birmingham, i only have a very rough idea on descriptions so if anyone has lost or know about birds been lost in this area please pm me and i can see if i can help. im going tomorrow to see if i can see them myself ill keep you posted
  4. hi all i emailed them last night, and too recieved an email talking about the interest from the uk over the last weeks. but i sent my address and within 1 hour id recieved an email saying they are sending me items ill keep you posted sandy
  5. hiya all my turn again ok i stood still for a few days but now another 1lb off, i am also in a size 14 now and also need to lose about 2 stone so wendy i think at the rate we are going we need to plan a shopping trip together to celerbrate when we get there. hey hey hey 2 girls on the town cant wait lol :wink: =D> :D/
  6. hiya all well done to all. mine has slowed a bit but 1lb off but 17 inches keep going, we will all have to meet up at the end and go mad lol
  7. ok guys my turn again, ive now lost a total of 9lbs and 13 inch off the body, how are you all going
  8. hey well done keep it going how the hell, do i get the ticker on here, tried all links HELP http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/wkals8W/weight.png[/img]
  9. hi all im sooo pleased, i thought i had opened myself up for lots of embarrisment and well what can i say. ok a little more about how im doing it. my prob is i dont eat, i only have one meal a day so my hubby brought me a wii fit for christmas ( i did ask for one he wasnt hinting ) i started it boxing day and you know the results. i seem to lose inches before i lose weight thats why i added that so keep it coming and WELL DONE
  10. hi all id just like to say, how great this site is catering for all aspects of bird keeping as well as life. So i saw the support threads on here about deppression, cancer, smoking ect, and thought its the new year and how many of us are trying to get heathier by better diet losing weight ect so i thought i would start this thread for all us trying to get fitter. here goes, :oops: since christmas i have lost 6lbs in weight and lost about 11" off my body. a long way to go yet but a good start NEXT and good luck
  11. hi im looking for mike, is this madmudmob june has asked me to contact him about certain parrot species im looking for. she said he could help please pm me. thanks keira
  12. hi no prob glad to help
  13. hi i dont know how helpful im going to be, but here goes personally i wouldnt, just from the fact that the grey is so much bigger than the cockatiel, i have had my own problems with birds trying to introduce themselves and ending up at the vet more than once, but there are also enough people who have the most unconventional parrot/ parroakeet relationships, its daft. i have a grey, male and female eclectus, sun conure and a cockatiel which out of the cage on the floor with a box full of toys are best friends- but if one goes near another whilst in the cage its WW3. also if they are fully flighted (which is the best option if possible) they can chase each other making it more difficult for you, if they are clipped they cant get away from each other so its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. if they seem ok with their cages near by you could always allow them to play with you on the chair for example with foot toys or their favourite treat, but never leave them alone together as im sure you know. then play it by ear as they say you know your birds best, and 50 people can give you their ideas but only you know your birds go with your instincts, hope it helps a little sandy
  14. hi rats carry leptospyrosis which is in their urine and as rodents dont actually go to the loo as dogs do, they dribble all the while as they walk along hope this helps
  15. thanks david hahahahahahahahahahahahaha but i was actually been serious for once
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