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  1. Im sure my trader trader member was still in date but I cant access the equipment for sale and several other sections, and i too have a cage to sell.
  2. June told me in person lots of times that she worked with the rspca while in fairbourne they took her lots of birds for 9 years, she told me they inspected her every year this she also told me in a pm when she heard i was talking about the conditions at fairbourne, she told me they gave her a 17,000 grant for a hospital room she at a later date said it was 5,000 the room was like the others dirty dusty full of tatty birds in dirty cages, is this true did the rspca take birds to her?? did they give her a grant?? if so maybe thats why they are not talking.
  3. Ian Laken is a complete idiot, he STILL doesnt even believe june has done any wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe he never went to any of her properties where the birds were kept, but spoke to her a lot on the phone and threw money at the "charity"
  4. about the personel comments made to june new followers, they have made some peoples lives a misery with their lies and agendas the least they could do is show themselves and admit she took them in as well !
  5. Well I truly feel ashamed for not opening my mouth many years ago, I just wish I had had Alisons balls she has really tried everything to help these birds. me I didnt think anyone would believe me against St June, just remember june what goes around comes around!
  6. Andyf I think the grey you are refering to is Angel baby grey she asked for donations so she could take her to the vet then treated her herself.
  7. Saw this on another group and thought I should pass it along, I have never given light bulbs a thought. * * * * Alert- Sudden flock death - No Warning Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 11:06 WARNING We lost 16 birds, long term healthy and productive guineas and chickens! All were safely in their large coop and all died there. They died a terrible, painful, and suffocating death in a place that they thought was safe. They died between the time they were locked in the coop and when I opened the coop to let them out to free range. They were laying face down, grouped in pairs with their favorite flock mate. The Orpington rooster had his wing over his favorite hen. Our favorite lavender guinea hen died next to her six-month chick huddled next to the coop door. Two sister Light Brahma hens lay side by side in a corner. It was as if someone arranged them to die with their buddy. Nothing else was disturbed. The only thing that was different was that I changed their warming bulb that night. The veterinarian community and research labs tested the birds, food and bedding. The only suspicious item was the light. The light had no warning on the box nor no indication that a non-stick coating was used in the bulb. Our research both on the web and in stores indicates that in most cases the bulbs are not marked. Please check all your bulbs! If there is any indication of any coating or uses the word "Shatterproof" do not use. Please read these article if you read nothing else- it was posted by another member in caring response to our tragedy , http://blog. mcmurrayhatchery .com/2011/ 02/18/shatter- resistant- bulbs-a-potentia l-danger- to-your-chickens /
  8. Hi, I have a female ducorps who was 2 in march had her since 12 wks old she WAS a sweetie but the last week or so she has been acting strangely I know thats usual for a too lol. she is normally a sweet laid back baby not over clingy goes out in the aviary of a day with Tia my 4 yr old ducorps they get on well play, preen each other share millet, forage together etc, they dont share a cage, they come out after tea in the evening and play or preen or sleep usually on me! Chloe does like to hang out on my head playing with a toy eating an almond ;smile; or preening my hair. she doesnt seem to be as bonded to me as Tia is which I thought was a good thing but now I am not sure it started with her nipping me on the hands and arms around 9.30 which I figured out was cos she wanted to go to bed (why she couldnt fly to her cage I dont know :shrug:) I would take her to her cage she would go to her sleeping perch and start grinding and go to sleep, I lwould leave her cage open, the other night 3 times I took her to her cage first time put her in she went to play on tias cage then flew back to my head and started biting real hard my hands, arms, then my legs!! so I took her to her cage again and cloed the top door again she climbed out flew to my head bites my arms, hands, legs and my tum, basicaly anywhere and hard and is drawing blood, the last time I locked her in her cage she peered out for a bit then went to sleep she comes to the front of the cage for her tickle when I put the other 2 away and put their covers on she is fine. last nite she came out ate her nut on my head went and got a toy playing with it on my head I put my hand up to give her a tickle well she bit hard dropped her toy I gave it her back but she comes down my arm starts REALLY biting my hands arms legs so I put her away. she bit again when she came for her tickle and this morning she also doesnt seem to want me to touch her she goes all frightend and runs away in the cage and out at different times. I am really puzzled by her at the moment could it be any of the following 1, the terrible 2s I never had any probs with Tia but as I said she is bonded to me I can do anything with her. 2, because she is not bonded to me and Tia is, could she feel left out? 3, she has bonded more to Tia than I realise? 4,she is just tired ? 5, she is just being naughty????? due to my husbands shift patterns they dont come out in the evening till around 8 and go to bed at 10.30, 11 at weekends. I am not sure how to proceed with her ...................................help!
  9. Hi, I used to buy weed seeds for my tortoises many moons ago, does any one know where I could buy them as I want to have a weedy section in my new flight, does anyone do a mix suitable for parrots like I used to get for the torts?? thanks Debs
  10. Hi all again, When I finally sort out this aluminium aviary I am thinking of having a natural floor as in grass, with flags round the feeding station. I want to put a foraging area in too. any opions welcomethanks Debs
  11. Hi, thanks for your replies, Rosemead did come out best on price,they said their panels were double dipped and 1" box section, but I didnt realise that 15g was thicker 16g! so thanks for that! would I really need 14g with a ducorps she is one of the smaller Too's, her beak is a LOT smaller than my greys. thanks again Debs
  12. Hi, I am hoping someone on here can help me as I am now getting very confused!! We are about to buy my ducorps and grey a play flight for daytime use weather permitting!! we have decided on an aluminium one as they are easy to clean add to move etc. I have spoken to several companies so far alutek, rosemead, morley (junglegold), and northern aviares. so far I have had 1" aluminium angle iron frame with 16g mesh. and 1" box section frame with 15g mesh. I am confused as I have been told that some of the mesh etc is from china and is higher in zinc that some others, what others?? it was one of the above companies that told me this, so now I dont know what is good and what is bad......... anyone on here got an aluminium aviary, can anyone recommend a reputable company?? I am goimng to ring Rj Leigh tomorrow havent tried them, will prob be even more confused. these things are not cheap and I dont want to buy the wrong one!! thanks Debs
  13. Hi, we are about to build our first aviary for my grey (and long waited for) ducorps, 15 ft by 10 ft should` be big enough I hope it is more of a play flight only for day use. I am hoping the peeps with aviaries will be able to help me with bird safe trees plants shrubs etc I can use in it? thanks debs
  14. Hi, I am searching for Ducorps owners to find out what these birds are like to live with so far I have only one owner there must be more out there ..................come on ducorps owners I want to know the good and the bad thanks Debs
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