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  1. We are looking for another African Grey and Mylo does sound lovely, If you want to you cpould email me. Jackie
  2. We sent a cheque to the following: The Bungalow, Thorpe Road, Whisby, Nr Lincoln. LN6 9BT. The tickets are £5 each and you make the cheque payable to EMBBA. Hope that helps
  3. What are you going to wear this time Stephie, I'm afraid I won't remember you (that's what comes of getting older) Maybe I'll get to meet Jem this time.
  4. What am I doing wrong? Alfie never seems to stop screeching it's a wonder he has any voice left. Eliot our CAG can be noisy but nothing like this. I'm beginning to wonder what the neighbours will say. Forgot to say he's an Eclectus :roll: :roll:
  5. I had one done as a present off my husband on our 37th wedding anniversary. It is Eeyore. I thought I would like to try everything before I pop my clogs (well most everything)
  6. Anyone know how we can order tickets?
  7. It certainly confuses me, sorry
  8. Does that mean at Stafford you can't buy pet birds, now the traders can't buy birds?
  9. Thanks for your replies. You probally did see him Steph do you remember 4 being sold by two ladies? Another problem Elliot has been feather plucking I think it started when I moved him to another cage so I moved him back after about a week. Now I think I made him more unhappy by bringing Alfie home, I can't play with Elliot because he doesn't seem to like me (he will take his toast off me), so any tips would be appreciated (am so glad I found this forum). :?: :?: :?:
  10. Please can you tell me how to put a picture under my name? I've looked atwhat you said previously but you say to click piclinks under signature on profile but I can't find piclinks.
  11. Hi NIcky, He is supposed to be a Vosmaeri but the lady was lovely but a little fuddled. He's not close rung so I don't know how to check, I must be honest he hasn't shut up yet he's so lovely I think maybe I would like a hen as well Oh Dear! my husband will go mad :roll: :roll:
  12. Thanks for that I will get the hang of your site eventually, just a bit slow.
  13. A question about my new baby Alfie who is 12mths old. his tail seems really stringy not like tail feathers at all is this correct am I just being neurotic? (topic moved to "Contact/Info/Help Wanted" as it is parrot related)
  14. Well I'm still very excited and I'm sorry if I caused any problems. Hopefully meet some of you there. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  15. Please don't worry Nicky I won't buy a parrot at Stafford because I enjoy and grateful for the shows, also I love the birds.
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