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  1. Harry's Mummy

    Hello everyone, I am back again

    Welcome back Wendy x
  2. Harry's Mummy

    MadMudMom leaves forum?

    Such a shame that another valued member of this forum has felt the need to leave........ I know for one I will really miss her, and Roz if your still on FB dont be a stranger xx How things have changed on here over the past year or so .......
  3. Harry's Mummy

    Dogs portrait

    Thats lovely Sue and chuffed to bits you won xxx
  4. Harry's Mummy


    *makes a note not to pay visit PM a visit* and runs off screaming!
  5. Harry's Mummy

    whats this beetle?

    Lol no comment on the name
  6. Harry's Mummy

    Dog Butt Covers

    Speechless !!!!!!!!
  7. Harry's Mummy

    Oh no ........ Spike had stuffing

    *passes Sue a gas mask*
  8. Harry's Mummy


    No they wouldnt survive beaks
  9. Harry's Mummy


    I use these for my hogs vivs, and you can get some really good stuff cheap as well off ebay
  10. Harry's Mummy

    Can i have a moan please?

    Awwwww Sue, you have a good rant hunny and get it out your system I think you have been through enough to have a good moan xxxx {{{{hugs}}}}
  11. Blimey forgot all about that not done a thing since day 1 pmsl
  12. Harry's Mummy

    Mylo's Mummy where are you?????

    pmsl didnt you just !!!!
  13. Harry's Mummy

    One year today :(

    {{{hugs}}} I know its corny but time does heal even ifs it slowly xxx
  14. Harry's Mummy

    Mylo's Mummy where are you?????

    Dunno I am an old married one so forgotten xxx Yer she aint the only one that will owe piccies of their wedding ...............
  15. Harry's Mummy

    Im having a

    Awwwww thats lovely news Congratuations xx