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  1. hi all i am back from holidays .and its all great my cag was all over me talking to me and everything .i am really happy about it was worried sick about it but all was ok .thanks for all the help and info yous give me people .
  2. i am off to cufu for a week with wife thanks for the help i can relax now and not worry about her cheers
  3. hi i have a question i am going away for a week on firday and what it is is my cag is really all for me she will let other members of the family touch her feed her or and get her out of the cage but if i am in the room she will fly straight to me. i get her out every morning touch her talk to her now with me going away for the week will she forget me when i am gone as i dont want to have to start from the start again with her as i have got her trained really well. i can get her out in the morning put her on top of her cage and go to other side of room and put my hand up and tap my other hand on it and she will fly straight to me and walk up arm and site on sholder she wistle copys the phone the dog she is really good. so you can see why i am a bit worried about going away incase she changes towards me. tia for any help
  4. thanks fot the replys what i do .is i get her out in morning when kids and wife are at work and school i have her out for about 1 hr in the morning then i put her back in her cage and clean it out and feeder i talk to her all day o and tthen when wife comes in she gets her out and i go upstairs for 45 mins to 60 then wife puts her in and then we both wistle and talk to her .till its her bed time today she sat in my sholdier for the whole hour while i was tuching her and she never moved at all . tia
  5. hi i have got a little prob with my cag it is hand tame and will go to any one in the room but if i am in the room it will fly onto my sholder and just sit there with me stroking it .now the prob is if one of the family try to take it off me it goes mad and trys to bite them it really goes off it . now if i put my hand next to its feet it will go straight onto my hand. i have tried putting it on my hand then onto someones hand it will go onto them but turns straight around and flys back to me. so i have been going out of the room when wife want to get it out .it is ok when i am not there but will not go to anyone when i am in the room apart from me. is there any thing i can do to stop it going mad when they try to take it off me it is 14 wks old hen called baby tia
  6. my cag is callded baby i was think of lettng the dog in when i cover her up for the night so she can not see him
  7. hi and thanks for the info tried my dog in the sitting room it just look at the bird and then sat down was not bothered . the bird on the other hand was looking and had her beak open and did not look to happy. so took dog out and went to talk to bird and she was very angry tried to touch her and she was not having none of it so i left her for a while and just tried now and she is letting me touch her again and seem ok again .do you think it was the seeing dog that upset her?tia
  8. hi i am a new congo a grey owner and needs a bit of info if some one could answer them it would be great 1. my cag is 14wks old and i have a dog iam not going to let dog in sitting room when parrot is out i not that daft. but was wondering if it will be ok to let dog in sitting room when parrot is safly in her cage my dog never barks or crys it just sits or lys down it does not go for birds out side or other dogs biggest thing i seen it eat was a spider lol. i have had my cag since tuesday or do you think it is to soon to let dog in ? till it is used to all of the family first. 2. what do i do about my cag bath do i get a bath for it or do i spry it like i have read that some people do ? tia
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