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  1. Hi all, I hope you all and your babies are all well! It's been quite a while since I last posted here, the reasons will soon become obvious! :-( Some of you older members will remember me and my baby Charlie, unfortunately my last (?) post is in relation to his passing.......it's taken me a long time to come to terms with this and I would like to copy the details of a (sort of) diary I kept just in case it might help others who encounter the same problems... Charlie After several incidents of Charlie falling off his perch and me thinking he was just being clumsy I decided to buy him some new smaller perches and a smaller cage less of a drop for him if he did fall. This seemed to be working well with no “incidents” for quite a few weeks. However things took a turn for the worse Thursday night (14th Feb) when I noticed his left foot was sort of just hanging - as if he’d had a stroke maybe? A late night call to the vets who told me to keep him quiet and warm (and confined if possible) and bring him in tomorrow (Friday) Thursday night he spent in my bedroom in the cat carrier with me watching him closely - on awaking he was very quiet but the use of his foot was back. Friday off to the vets and was told they would keep him overnight to do some x-rays and blood tests……very quiet evening without him - poor baby! L Picked him up Saturday (16th) after being told he has “Fatty Liver Disease” and will need a change of diet and 3 different medications to be given orally - great fun! But Charlie has been an angel and taken all his meds off a spoon mixed with yoghurt….So far so good! ;-) Sat, Sun, Mon went without a hitch until about 11pm Monday night……… I was in bed and heard him fall - dashed downstairs and he was totally disorientated, didn’t seem to know where he was or who I was - wouldn’t step onto my hand, so eventually I lifted him out of the cage and put him in the carrier for another worrying night. Tues morning (19th) he took his meds with the yoghurt again but wasn’t interested in eating anything else despite me trying to bribe him with a few of his favourites, he slept a lot this morning - eventually about 1.30pm he seemed to perk up a bit and had a drink of water (several) and some hard boiled egg yolk mixed up with chopped up Aloe plant (detoxifying?) seems quite a bit livelier after his long sleep - not quite so worried at the moment - he’s still eating, right now he’s on the soaked pellets! J Had his evening dose of meds - but not much food 9.30pm fell off perch again, so I put him in carrier for the night…so so sad Wednesday morning (20th) Charlie seemed to sleep well last night, although when I put him in the carrier he seem afraid of the perch so I removed it and he spent the night perched on the edge of his bowl. Had his meds again this morning in yoghurt seems a little more disorientated than usual - he seemed to have trouble grasping how to eat from the spoon, something he has always been happy to do! He had a little drink of water and a few bites of celery then took himself off up to his “sleepy perch” in his cage. I need to go and have a shower but don’t want to leave him in the big cage unattended….what to do, what to do? He slept for most of the morning, came down for a bit to eat about 2.30pm had a bit of soft fruit (berries) squished up and some carrot, turnip & swede mashed - not a lot, but I’m happy that it was ‘enough’ ..then back to the “sleepy perch” He made some Charlie type ooohing & ahhhing noises this afternoon …..the first for quite a few days, supplemented the meagre diet with a few seeds - he ate them! Been eating for about the last hour - but only had half his yoghurt med so far…..still seems a bit confused. I slept on the couch last night - didn’t want to leave him….no probs apart from my stiff neck….Ouchhhhh Thursday 21st This morning Charlie seemed quite a bit brighter took his meds no problem and ate a fair bit too! :-) 2.30pm eating again his appetite seems to be returning - fingers crossed x 6pm had his 2nd dose of med AND ate all his pellets smashed up & mixed with a bit of orange juice 11.30 fell off perch again…….so back into the carrier - he was very confused and I had to physically pick him up - again he made no protest Spent the night upstairs with me very restless seemed to be having mini convulsions. Friday 22nd Still very dazed and so far not taking meds - could just be he hasn’t woken up properly, I’ll leave it an hour or so and if no luck then it will have to be a towel and “force” feed. If he’s not going to make it I wish he would just slip away quietly now L Finally took his med and a little bit of carrot & swede mash plus some water - still very confused though. Leaving him in the carrier, don’t think he’d be safe in the cage. 2pm seems to be “with it” again has gone into cage, more steady on feet and eating….. still eating 40 mins later - he seems to be having long periods when he’s “out of it” and then about 8 hours of lucidity, then back to being out of it! Saturday 22nd 10am still asleep - slept all night in his cage though without any mishaps…..step forward? Woke up at 10.30 straight into food bowl! had meds, bit of rice & egg, some water…..dare I say he seems improved? Had more food and started flapping about for a bath (new smaller cage is not big enough for this!) so brought him out and he had a good ol’ shower - he really enjoyed it - more like his old self than he’s been for ages! Hope it lasts…..this could be the turning point? X 11.05pm ****, ****, ****…..15 min’s after posting a glowing report on All Creatures website off he goes again - fell off perch and had a minor “freak” into the carrier for another night! L Bugger!!!!! Sunday 23rd brought him downstairs and back into his cage and he was straight into the food bowl! Had his meds, but still seems a little disorientated. The rest of today passed well with him eating fine and no further incidents. Left him in his cage overnight - but not totally covered and the light on in the hall, seemed to work - no falls! Monday 24th Bit sleepy this morning but took his meds again and a little bit of food, hopefully he’ll liven up a bit later… He returned “back to normal” and ate well during the day had a preen etc. but bedtime came and he hadn’t put himself on his “sleepy perch” when I went over to investigate noticed his left foot had gone limp again………so into the carrier for another night.   Tuesday 25th Still very subdued this morning, took him a few hours to come round, didn’t get his meds into him til about 12.00 then he ate a bit….I cancelled dentist appt. couldn’t go out and leave him for 3 hours or more! He was un-coordinated whilst eating from the spoon - kept missing it L 2pm Asleep! Ate some berries mashed up with pellets - seemed to quite like it! Poor baby doesn’t seem to have the strength to clean his beak - covered in mushed up berries…can hardly keep his eyes open. 9pm His foots’s gone limp again… Wednesday 26th Woke me up at 3am screaming, by the time I got there he was sitting on the perch shaking, talked to him for ½ hour and he started to fall asleep again so I left him….same thing again at 7am this time when I got to him he was hanging upside down from perch by one foot - managed to rescue him and got a nice bite out of it, into the carrier - then at 8am had another episode where he was going round in circles with his head over his shoulder, this happened again at 9am then about 4 more times in the 20 mins I was waiting for a taxi. I was praying last night he would just slip away quietly in his sleep. 10am Vet said it seems neurological and he should have been responding to treatment by now, leaving him with them again for observation - but she said she would understand if I decided to “call it a day!” :-( There’s no point in prolonging the inevitable… I don’t know if he’s in pain….but he’s certainly in distress & I can’t bear to see him like this any longer - Oh God, I hope I’m making the right decision… Thursday 10am spoke to Amber on the phone…basically it’s not sounding hopeful - but Sally will call and speak to me later     Charlie 20.11.02 - 28.02.13 This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life …I’m so sorry baby Fly high and free my gorgeous boy I’ll never forget you
  2. Awww So sorry Debs.....Fly High Stevie..x
  3. Sounds very interesting - sadly I can't make it, would it be possible for someone to record it and put on youtube perhaps? Alan used to be my vet - it would've been nice to see him again
  4. Hi Kiwi Just a bit of reassurance for you, as GG says Alan H is a very good vet - I used him for years before I moved from the area, you were honoured to be shown the hawk, every time I saw Alan he was rushing around like a mad thing and doesn't usually have time for chatting/niceties!! I hope Holly will be ok
  5. 2 types of parrot seed and nothing else.........what a HUGE Range that is! :wink:
  6. Good on ya June - You Go Girl!!! where's the *like* button?
  7. Maybe Mandi is going to give us an update - as she is now logged in :wink:
  8. Yeah, but the point is............it's mixed with water!! As you say - the choice is down to the individual, who will hopefully do a bit of research on whatever product it is they're thinking of using for their birds
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