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  1. awwww puppies!! i love puppies. they are stunning wendy!! i hope all goes well with them. xxx
  2. i LOVE stilton. especially with garlic mushrooms and bacon and cream. mmmmmm sonds even nicer now im on a diet. grrrr
  3. my dogs get fed once a day, working dog dry biscuits. i put the food down first thing and i take the bowls up again after an hour. It works for me and none of my dogs are fussy eaters.! i usually cook them some sausages in the evening though but i make them sit for those. A woman in work with me tells me how her dog, doesnt eat breakfast on a sunday!
  4. any ideas welcome. what is everyone getting for their feathered friends?
  5. im not really any of those. got a tiny bum and big boobs. well at the moment im more the hippo from the silentnight adverts with my belly but if i had to pick it would probs be eva longoria.
  6. A child called it did it for me too. i read the second one too, but only got half way through the third. True stories like that always get me going!
  7. we live in a terrace! Our neighbours all laugh at the birds noises! they whistle when people walk past, and my next door neighbour said that they get her son up for school!! :)
  8. karamia

    Smoking ban..

    I agree compleely with the ban! I suffer from really bad asthma, and hate people smoking and breathing their smoke in my face. its diguisting. I wish smokers could feel the way i feel with my chest, i doubt they would carry on smoking! its the scariest feeling in the world i went to the doctors surgery a few weeks ago for a prescription for my chest infection. There were 2 young girls smoking right ouside the door with babies in prams.I had to cover my face to walk past them. The poor babies lungs must be black! I even hate walking down the street and people blowing smoke at me. grr
  9. sounds like a brill idea! There is nothing like watching your bird flying free and coming back on command. I know a hawk is a little different but i should imagine it would be the same My living room is really openplan so the birdies have quite a way that they can fly but im sure they'd love to fly in a barn!
  10. my god, matthew would be out if he tried to sell one of my lot! Not that he ever would though.
  11. Oh i'm so sorry Kris But you need to take care of yourself! Have you feound a home for the barn owl yet? If not i'm sure i can find someone with plenty of experience for him. I would love to take him on but i cant affored to build another aviary TBH after gracies!! Hugs to you and your family. Kara xxx
  12. Awww i like the name appollo! Alfie gently nips at Gipsys nose, but spook doesnt get too close. Im quite careful not to let them get too close to be honest just in case! Spook calls the dogs all the time bless him. I think he really likes them. He copies matthews dog whistle, and he knows kai and tyra apart for definate. Hasnt got Gipsy yet but im sure it'll be soon The dogs were at my mothers this morning, and spook was here calling Kai. The funniest thing is when he tells tyra off in his disapointed tone :D Alfie has started saying hello, bless him, but thats all for now! Spook has been teaching him the a team though, hes got the first few notes.
  13. Bless! he is very colourful isnt he! Everyones good here! Things are starting to calm down again now! Im missing all the pups though! Matthews taking Kai backpacking tonight so im having a night in with my Girls and the birdies
  14. He is gorgeous Karen! Didnt look real to me at first, hes beautiful Sorry i didnt reply to your email, ive been like a headless chicken these last few weeks!!
  15. cant get link to work but im sure hes gorgeous Karen!!! Good luck with him!! kara xxx
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