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  1. hi, years ago (about25) i kept a mealy amazon and fed it mainly on bogena parrot food and i wondered if it was stiil available ,i can only find it in the states atm...are there any suppliers in the uk that stock it? and was it good ,bad or indifferent to feed it anyway? http://www.pluri-ailes.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=16&ccSID285e73f64c04744fc5f33ff68f529742=5bdf8b2d768b02f954bedfd2e5ddecaf thanks jeff (edited to shorten link - LAM)
  2. hi spotted this ad http://household.uk.freeads.net/Pair_of_hand_reared_Rainbow-362000.htm seems genuine, dunno if it helps anybody? jeff :wink:
  3. i was wondering what temperature is advisable to keep my blackheaded caiques at now that winter is fast aproaching, they are housed outside in a timber cabin ,any advice is welcomed...thanks jeff
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