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  1. All good, beak trimmed and it's straightened up no end!
  2. No it's definitely not the parrot sanctuary, it's not even open yet.its going to b part of a garden centre. What's all the fuss about the parrot sanctuary?
  3. Hiya, it's not the parrot sanctuary, it's a garden centre and he's part of it. I shall research the parrot sanctuary though as it's somewhere I've wanted to visit but never have yet.
  4. Going to book him in vets tomorrow and hopefully a trim will sort it. Thanks.
  5. Hi, our Tag has broken his beak. He wedges his beak between the bars of his door, and sort of twists it, to open the door, making it rattle. He's been doing it when he wants out the cage but then started to do it to get attention. He has snapped a bit of the bottom beak off, and his entire beak is offset.the top beak sits to the side of the bottom one, if that makes sense.. Has anyone else's bird done this? We have changed the cage for one with a lockable door not the clip close kind that he came in.. Is it expensive to have the beak fixed at the vets does anyone know? We get paid tomorrow and are going to book him in.
  6. Unfortunately Molly was too big a bird for us to handle, and our neighbours were less than impressed with noise levels, we already have a TAG so have rehomed Molly to a man who has 8 other macaws.im told he has a zoo of some description in Skegness so will b visiting soon to see how she has settled.
  7. Thanks guys, pics to follow shortly our friend bought her with the intention of breeding them when they're 3years old. He didn't think before introducing them, and as his male is out of the cage all day he makes a beeline for Molly and it wouldn't be fair to keep him in his cage. When he contacted us and said he was selling her we did say he should never have put them together after a week, he now regrets this lol. She seems to have settled in quite well, and isn't nervous at all..I'm more nervous of the size of that beak! Wow it's big! Lol she's cool though and is already trying to say hello.
  8. Hi all, we have recently came to own our first military macaw, having only owned smaller birds. Molly is only almost 8 months old so very young. We came to own her because a friend of ours bought her as a mate for his baby military, he introduced them too soon and they didn't get on at all, attacking each other at any opportunity. This made his male turn nasty (he's the same age) so our friend decided to sell the female, and we bought her.. This is our 3rd day with her, and so far so good! She's not what I call tame but that's because she was tame but then was left alone while her first owner worked. My husband has spent time over the last 2 days handling her and gaining her trust, and she let him stroke her head whilst she sat on top of her cage, so I think with time and a lot of patience she will become tame again. May cme and ask u all a lot of questions as we go along. Thanks for reading :-)
  9. thanks for the replies, its a closed ring, it says psuk*** ***..does that mean year of birth should b '**?
  10. hi all do anyone know how to read a leg band? our TAG has a band and im trying to work out what the letters and numbers mean..anyone?
  11. no need for apology, any advice is gratefully received.
  12. thanks,i also think he needs some stimulus..will do some research.
  13. thanks,i feel guilty he has nothing to play with.hes been very quiet so far,only a few whistles.he came yesterday.not that it matters but was told he wont start to talk till hes 12 months old,and is 6 months at moment.would that be about right? can they be tamed as been told no.
  14. thanks guys..the man we bought him from said they dont play with toys like parrots do and not to bother buying any.is this right?
  15. thanks,i have a fair bit of the food left that came with the bird but will look on junglegold,thank u.
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