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  1. install security cameras and u'd of had them caught
  2. people fall for these scams cos humans are greedy. they always want a good deal! thats why people do it, and thats why people fall for it! very lame but you can never escape these kind of things.
  3. would you like to poo in your house too? maybe your bird is a tidy bird! they are smart, and if im right they dont poo in the nest boxes so maybe he doesnt wanna poo in the cage either? my max poo's everywhere in the cage but rarely out.... even fell asleep on the bed with me drunk and never pooped all night, was well impressed lol ( i was drunk btw not him )!
  4. luckily the hosepipe didnt scare him away and made him fly, verylucky
  5. maybe its best not to construct ur own collar? dangerous....
  6. probably best to take it very slow! a bad experience so early might mean he will never trust you!
  7. http://www.worldparrottrustjapan.org/pictures/wpt12_pics/lears_macaw.jpg
  8. lol - my parrot can bob his head !
  9. Its a gamble really isnt it, your gambling that both birds will not eat each other, people will try to put you off as they dont want to see any birds get hurt.... I have seen many pictures on here with greys and macaws and many other species in fact. So yes, its possible they can play together but you must keep a close watch and i would suggest never leaving the room when they are out. also its probably best to get a baby macaw too.. just weaned
  10. my mealy amazon never spoke, was a mute lol, chirped now and then but was really quiet....
  11. haha knowing newcastle taxi drivers yeah, im surprised he didnt keep it and try and sell it! it surprises me when people be nice in this day in age
  12. thats right in the town centre... weird place to find a bird
  13. thanks for the advice, i think i may have to sell him soon. i do not have enough time to devote to him and its only going to get worse as my job is taking up alot of my time.... i really hope i dont have to though.... just got a new lodger who doesnt work tho so this could be good for us
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