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  1. Congratulations, Im about to chop down a local apple tree, as part of non chemical sterilisation I thought of using my wallpaper stripper. The female thread is 1/2 or 3/4 BSP attached to this is a reducer taking it down to 6mm, the 6mm attachment is 2 feet of stainless steel tube, the steam blasts out and would sterilise just about anything, I'll get a pick on my photobucket.
  2. Ive tried laying a finger on the open cage, and my other hand open with a pistachio in, he won't come for his favourite with the finger in the way. He has about 5 pistachios a night. Is the nut thing excessive?
  3. Thanks for that, been taking things gradual, Charlie has virtually destroyed the wallpaper in the living room, his favourite perch has been taken down (the curtain rail) will keep you informed, thanks again, Jason
  4. Over the last couple of weeks we have progressed from feeding Charlie TAG through the bars of his cage, to him coming out to be fed at finger tip length, now recently we have got him taking food from an open hand, a little progress, but hes still very reluctant to get too close, any tips for the next step?? Cheers. Trying to get photobucket working too
  5. Our African grey is called Charlie should have been called Poopy Mirror muncher Wallpaper stripper Nowty knickers Mardy ars* the list continues
  6. Just read some of the links regarding styptic pencils/silver nitrate applicators. If you've ever used the silver nitrate for wart removal it stings like budgery ( terrible speller) There is an alarming amount of data dealing with silver nitrate ingestion, could cause a nightmare situation if applied to a bleeding bird. Could someone enlighten me further to the use, I assumed the pencil/nitrate would be applied to the bird, but it is very toxic, hence my confusion :?
  7. I dont know if they are birdy safe, but scanpan make just about the best in pans you can get, my mother in law insisted on getting one, while searching I discovered that the galloping gourmet (Graham Kerr) isn't dead. He moved to the states in the 70's to do TV cheffing. Is that relevant to the original question?? Heres the link to scanpan anyway, frying with no oil is now possible http://shrunklink.com/?jjt (Edited to shrink long link)
  8. excuse my ignorance, but is the concern over teflon coming off into food you are cooking for the birds, or birds accidentally chewing a pan. I really dont know. :?
  9. Not a quick solution but for flying insects try this http://www.brighterimage.ie/index.html I have one in the house and doesnt affect birds, even double checked with the manufacturer, good insect repelling properties, excellent for rodents. Thats the reason my daughter got a Cockatiel instead of a hamster :oops:
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