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  1. Since the breeder concerned has been removed from here and is probably oblivious to what is being said I agree
  2. May I ask Monica why you did not start the debate on the forum that you pm'd him on as I would have thought it would have had the same result.
  3. Hi tried following links but computer kept saying I had a fault so I have just been on Youtube nad had a look. It made me really teary that people can be so cruel in this world. I just wish that the people that do things like that look at these videos but I bet they dont.
  4. I just want to say that it must be jealousy as I think the quilt is fabulous and would be over the moon if someone talented[ and your sister must be] made me a quilt half as good as yours. I tried quilting once I found it hard to do, really admire someone who can create something that beautiful.
  5. Could someone suggest a safe air freshner to use. I have got a in a bowl some cinnamon and cloves and dried orange peel, but it does not seem very effective. I love Merlin to bits but can smell a parroty smell in the lounge where his cage is. I know commercial freshners are a big No so I wondered if anyone has a more effective receipe than the one I am using. :?:
  6. Hi Had to share this Merlin has had 5 christmas cards. I work in a primary school and have been taking him in to socialise him. He had 5 cards of his own plus load to me and and him. He really enjoyed helping write the cards this year each one has a unique beak mark in!
  7. Brought a tear to my eye too made me think of the Hyacinth Macaw on Extintion last week
  8. Hi My CAG is 4 months old as well and he plays with his toys the way you describe. I think that the playing is normal behaviour. Has your bird got a closed ring on his foot so that you know he was bred overhere. Can the pet shop give you any history as they should be able to. Did you get advice from them when you bought him on care and handling.
  9. Hi I have only had my CAG a few weeks but my life has changed totally. I work part time so Merlin is only left 4 hoursd twice a week. The rest of the time someone is home with him. However it is true they are a companion not a pet. Mine will get very cross if he wants my attention and I dont give it straight away. He reminds me of when my children were toddlers. My daughter has already said that she will have him when I am too old to look after him. I would not have got him without knowing what will happen to him when I am too old.
  10. Hi Everyone I joined here at he end of August when I knew I was going to be getting a baby CAG. Just wanted to say a big thanks as I learnt so much on this site before I bought Merlin home. I was lucky that I was able to visit Merlin loads before I brought him home as the breeder was local. Thanks to reading your threads I didn't have any questions to post. not very good with computers but think this link leads you to some of his photos. http://s127.photobucket.com/albums/p132/merlinsmum_photos/
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