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  1. http://www.petcages.co.uk/product.asp?pid=117 this is the cage that I got for my Timneh... because all it's bars are horizontal... fab cage and cheap. Probably too big for a GCC. not sure if they deliver to Jersey though
  2. Hi all, You may remember that I got a Baby Timneh in March as a wedding present... he is a funny little fella... here is Spud. And a little while ago (when the weather was good :roll: ) He is 8 months old now and although we hit a little testy patch where he was being grumpy with the girls we are all one happy family again now (trusty old cage cover for 11 hours a day did the trick - poor mite was tired)
  3. does it make me seem mean if I say the only noise that my baby timneh does which annoys me is the beak grinding before he goes to sleep in the evening.... It puts my teeth on edge. I know I should probably find it cute... but I am ashamed to say that it drives me mad. :oops:
  4. I am going on honey moon on 13th April for 3 nights.... My friend is having my little timneh for me but she lives about 15 miles away and there is no way that i can get Spuds HUGE cage there.... even in my renault scenic. Is a second cage a good Idea? I was thinking something smaller.... that we can get to my friends when we need to.... we could also place this cage out on the decking so that he can join us for BBQ's in the garden etc.... I would need to get one soon so that he could get used to it before he has to live in it for a few days...... Can you see any major flaws in what I have just said? Do you have any advice or recommendations? Thanks I just got this one The cage and stand are seperate so...it is much easier to get around in the car... and get outside in the summer... should be delivered on Tuesday... do you think its OK? http://www.ideas-4-pets.com/pages-productinfo/category-174_182/product-769/products-for-birds-parrot-like-cages-select-cages-san-diego-parrot-and-parakeet-cage-sel.html?zenid=6d1e24dd48ec06bf90c015de8d022a93 Sorry it is a long link... Roz can shrink it if she likes :oops: I don't know how
  5. Hi all, Well spud has been with us for 3 weeks and 6 days now He is such a character joins us for every meal and will try most things, he seems to be a tomato sauce junkie so we are having to watch this... also likes vegetable satay :shock: ... as well as other healthy stuff. His flying is coming on a treat and he loves his morning shower... runs through the jet of water whistling to himself. here are some pictures from this morning
  6. Hi, I just got this cage for my TAG... it is a great price http://www.petcages.co.uk/product.asp?pid=117 and this is a picture with him in it
  7. thanks guys, we are smitten and he is such a character... but so well behaved and calm. He has had a shower every morning since Monday and he loves them. Within 36hrs I had his harness on with no fuss (we had spent alot of time showing him and playing with it and putting it over and off his head and he always joins us at the table... so far his favourites are mash with gravy, baked beans and pasta It is so much fun finding out all about him
  8. Awww thanks for replying, we are absolutely thrilled with him, he is such a clown. And such a loving little chap, he just joined us for tea... mashed potato with a little gravy went down a treat... such a mess He has been so laid back... had his first shower this morning and really enjoyed it.
  9. Well my TAG is coming home on Sunday... we have called him Spud... just coz i love it. My horse is called Guinness... because he is black and white and my other half is Irish (but we tend to call him "G" or Guinny-boo) My dog is called Pudding - we had just moved back to yorkshire and wanted to give him a yorkshire name. My oldest cat is called DeCaff - not sure why, other half said i could have a cat if he could name it... he did and i never questioned My middle cat is called Penguin - because he is black and white My baby cat is called Sponge - kids named her!!! Guinea pigs are called jigsaw and dumpling - kids named those. The fish are Flower, Sonny, Teddy and Lerch kids again.
  10. Thanks so much for all the replies, some great advice. I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited.... 3 more sleeps
  11. lol MMM I wondered when you wuold be along with a link *hee hee* Thanks for the advice the timings should work out well, we are travelling a long way to get him and we won't be home until about 6pm... will probably cover him at 8pm
  12. Hi there, Well my TAG (15 wks old) is coming home on Sunday :shock: , and I am wondering how would be best to settle him in. I haven't actually asked for the breeders advice on this yet (bless her I pester her often enough for photos :roll: :oops: ) and would welcome as many answers as possible. The cage we have here for him is much larger than anything he has been caged in ( http://www.petcages.co.uk/product.asp?pid=117 ) and is currently decked out with 1 wooden perch (supplied with cage) 1 wooden parrot ladder/bridge (set up as a bridge, so also a perch i guess) 1 concrete perch 1 multi branch perch 1 large rope bunge 1 acrylic toy 1 rope toy Is that going to be too much for him? We have a busy household, 2 children aged 3 and 7, 1 dog, 3 cats all coming and going and the cage is in the living room (the hub of the house). My question is... what do I do with him in the first few hours that he is home? Any over night precautions? How best to introduce him to the cage? How best to introduce him to the family? When should I let him out for his first fly around? I will obviously excercise caution where the cats are concerned. Thanks in advance
  13. Wow guys look at Spud now... all handsome
  14. Oh showgirl you are so lucky, I am not sure when my baby will be ready to come home, a few weeks yet. he is 12 and a half weeks now. We want lots of pictures.
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