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  1. thanks for that, I prefer the side by side & was looking at the Twin penthouse...also palace & nova do a side by side I think thanks again
  2. Ive got Archie the grey & Jasper the hahns...Im planning on moving & am looking for a decent size double cage either on top or side by side that will house both....any ideas? or advice as I dont want to put Archie in anything too small or Jasper. Thanks in advance.
  3. my Jasper is a Hahns & he looks exactly like your Stephie...also known as the red shouldered macaw
  4. I had to have Archie & Jasper tested for PSITTACOSIS as Bailey was tested for this & was positive. The tests came back negative for Archie & Jasper but the vet mentioned that Jasper was on the the skinny side, he does eat but what can I do to 'fatten' him up? My grey Archie, who eats for england, is fine. Jasper is abit of a fussy eater not liking much in the way of fruit, veg or soak mix but he will eat his seed like there is no tomorrow. Any ideas? thanks
  5. Daisy, Dizzy & Harvey all greatly missed. Harvey wish I could have had more time with you, you were only a baby, your half sis little Lolly is with us now. Daisy play nicely at rainbow bridge...until we meet again, hugs & kisses x x x x
  6. Im so sorry to hear about your sad loss Chloes Mum, my heart goes out to you, its been 2 weeks today since I lost my baby girl Daisy. sending many hugs, love & kisses your way xxxxxxxxx
  7. Yes in a row of 4 terraced houses. Im planning on moving early next year & hoping to buy with extra room for my birdies either a detached or semi just need to hold on for another year! He is in best place at the moment there isnt anywhere else to put him.
  8. wish I could but I have a L shape lounge/diner & where he is, is right in between, equal distance from both neighbours :?
  9. Bailey is now 7 months old, he says hello atleast 20 different ways , step up, is trying to say good boy & shouts what! I have one problem, my neighbours have expressed how Baileys sqwarking "gets on their nerves"! To be honest they would complain if I had a snail with a wind problem! they get on my nerves :x but to be neighbourly I have to be fair & wondered if anyone has any ideas to try & get Bailey to be alittle quieter. I dont think he is that bad :roll: , he says hello 1st thing, has abit of a session which is very loud, he does it more when he sees me, Ive tried ignoring the noise & responding when he talks only but if things get any worse I may have to seriously consider rehoming him as to be honest its stressing me out (had enough lately with sad loss of Daisy ) If I was lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours life would be fantastic but unfortunately my neighbours were born to make my life a misery...... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance x x x x
  10. Hi Gary Sorry for your sad loss huge hugs from Kent
  11. thanks think I will pass aswell... got a destructive grey myself he manages to do more damage then Bailey the Blue & Gold! :shock:
  12. thats the ones.... thats even better then to add to eyelid as when he does finally open his eye im frightened im going to poke him as the cream just sits on end of tube & doesnt drip like water drops... many thanks stormbird
  13. thanks Chloes Mum... so far so good, he lets me lay him on his back in my arms, its a cream drop rather then a water one... he is getting wise now though lol as soon as cream is produced Baileys eyes are tightly shut...!
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